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Hey this is my server Dominion, this is what we have to offer:

•Fun bots
•Self roles
•Friendly members
•None abusive staff
•A none abusive owner who actually listens to suggestions
•Fun to be had

Anyone can join dominion, we may poke fun at you but if you ask us too stop we will

I hope to see some of you in Dominion
Uprootedrake59 Bumped 7 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Bradders Bradders
Best bitch-ass server out there
-> Non-abusive admins
-> Self-roles
-> Active admins
-> Self colours
-> Easy to meet new friends.

Who wouldn't enjoy this?
ShugarCubez ShugarCubez
The staff are abusive and rude
Most of these staff on here are under 18, They attack most of the nice people that join and threaten them, call them stupid, and more, I don't think this server should be fit to be on Discord because they continuously harass people

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