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My Hero Academia RP
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My Hero Academia RP

In this universe AFO and OFA are long gone, how this happend is unknown. After the defeat of both, heroes gradually ruled over society. However during these many years in the shadows villains have rose to fame and power running things like the black market and doing other illegal business along with forming crime organizations and the criminal underworld. These individuals have formed a group known as the Pesuto. Their goal? To rule over society by crushing any opposition with any means neccessary.

RP Mechanics:

Villains- In this world Villains have many options. They can be lone villains or be part of larger groups and work as hired killers. One of the largest groups is the criminal monopoly run by the Pesuto. Within this are a group of mercenaries usually hired as killers called the Elites. If joining the Pesuto normal villains will start off as normal mercenaries, if they complete enough tasks and assignments they can eventually become Elite. Villains also have the option of running solo or starting their own crime groups.

Heroes- In this universe heroes usually go out on patrols or respond to requests for help. The hero HQ will be a much larger and active place where heroes can socialize and train. Due to the fact that there are dangerous villains like the Elites heroes must go out in groups of two for patrols and assisting dangerous situations.

Vigilantes- Within the world Vigilantes are regarded as villains by the government, but due to the nature of them they do not have to follow any restrictions and are essentially just freelancers, however, groups can still be formed between vigilantes.

Students- To keep an appeal for making students, all students already have liscenses to use their quirks and help heroes. First years are able to join classes and participate in student events. Second and third years however are able to be sidekicks or interns for other pro heroes. And while they are students they usually act more like pro heroes in training, and they do not have classes. They still are able to participate in student events but maybe not as many as first years.
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SteamBoat SteamBoat
Ahaha, it’s just a prank, bro!
I made a review previously about this server, and it stated some... facts that really had no proof, nor anything related to this server. After leaving it there, and acting like I meant it for about two weeks, I instead deleted it. I think I effectively did it to em. Great server, amazing rp, great staff.
3 4
Nect_Level Nect_Level
Nice Server
The staffs are really nice and friendly, nice roleplay events as well, but I'm kinda sad that most of the classes occured when I was still asleep.

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