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Screen Addicts

We are a 16+ gaming orientated server, playing games such as Destiny 2, Apex and Overwatch.

We have a functioning LFG system to encourage members to interact with one another.

We host events on a weekly basis with Game nights and Karoake.

We do not appreciate drama within the server and aim to make it carefree for all members.

Our staff members are supportive, you can always send them a DM whether that be to talk or if you're having an issue.

We have many different roles that you can tag yourself with to find people who have the same interests as you.

We have game-bot and music rooms to which you can play in while talking to other members, We also have an exclusive bot that allows members to anonymously post messages to allow them to express themselves.

We are really excited to meet new people, we hope to see you in our server and hopefully we can play games together in the future!

We do not do partnerships at this present time.
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Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
Devs Devs
Genuine, fun and very inclusive.
Wonderful active server with staff who are willing to help with any problems. Very caring community and closely knit with a large variation of gamer's both PC and console.
TrueTech TrueTech
Very friendly and inviting
Very friendly server. All are welcome, young and old. Fun bots to play with, lots of engaging conversation, well moderated, very safe space.
¥*Perry's girlfriend*¥ ¥*Perry's girlfriend*¥
A great server
It's fun A lot to talk about, really annoying bots, well bot his name is Perry so be aware but it is great fun, like really amazing, like super duper amazing, okay I'm running out of words... Bye........ I hate Perry

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