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Outcast Society
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Outcast Society

16+ Mature attitudes. NO drama.

Wholesome community with a great support system, most of us have a dirty sense of humor with a touch of darkness.

This server is a safe place to feel comfortable being you!
We also do a lot of gaming and do actually play together even have a lfg setup.

✔Support system

✔ Friendly staff as well as incredible members

✔ Kind of safe for work...Wink wonk

✔ Leveling system with rewards.

✔ 100+ roles

✔ Tons of emotes.

✔ Game nights and movie nights

✔ Bots for games and music

☠ No drama

☢We don't do partnerships so don't waste your time☢

Hope to see you soon! Bring good vibes and sarcastic sense of humor(;
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
TrueTech TrueTech
Very friendly and inviting
Very friendly server. All are welcome, young and old. Fun bots to play with, lots of engaging conversation, well moderated, very safe space.
¥*Perry's girlfriend*¥ ¥*Perry's girlfriend*¥
A great server
It's fun A lot to talk about, really annoying bots, well bot his name is Perry so be aware but it is great fun, like really amazing, like super duper amazing, okay I'm running out of words... Bye........ I hate Perry