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Durkastan is a place where muslims and others alike are encouraged to hone their critical thinking skills, mindset and approach to healthy discourse, our intellectual based society emphasizes on such values to strengthen the mindset of every individual member on this community.
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خِبْءِ کتابخانه ها عبد الرشيد خِبْءِ کتابخانه ها عبد الرشيد
This is a great community with great debaters. If you want to talk about Islam, this is the place!
Thermal Stalk Thermal Stalk
Fantastic server. Very little problems. Great experience
This server is is one of the best if not the best Islamic server anyone can join right now. It helps Muslim's to get a better understanding of their religion from a constant learning environment through a variety of subjects in relation to it. Likewise it also helps Non-Muslims to have a respectful dialogue to get a much more better understanding of what Islam is. Too add more to that is that it also helps Muslim's have their doubts about Islam answered according to their own satisfactory by the Murshids who are always constantly active. Aside from the word limiter being too short the server is absolutely fantastic and is worthy of the 5 stars i rated.

May Allah give us all a better understanding of his religion.

ooof ooof
sik server
Great server for guidance to knowledge and clearing misconceptions with a bunch of channels to keep things nice and organised :D
Tamim Tamim
Haven of Intellectual Islamic Discourse
In the name of Allah, ar-Rahmaan and ar-Rahim.
Upon Muhammad be the Peace of Allah, and His Blessings, and upon the family and companions of Muhammad.

It is by the grace of Allah that He has provided us this server of Durkastan, a safe haven and an intellectual forum for Muslims to understand their Deen coherently. By His grace we have been able to answer doubts and help brothers, sisters, and indeed, non-Muslims understand Islam better.

May Allah protect, and give barakah to, this server, its Amir, and its members.