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Thrive with us ♡
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Thrive with us ♡

Welcome to "Thrive with us ♡"!
We're a nature themed server for furries mainly. Though, everyone is welcome - from therianthropes over to simply interested ones and similar. We work as some kind of "second family" and so hold together and thrive to have a harmonious place to chill at. We have following to offer:

• self-assignable roles
• Hogwarts Houses to apply
• a roleplay section for your needs
• free art occassionally
• a friendly community
• pastel colors which don't hurt your eyes
• laid-back yet "orderly" staff

So, if you should be interested, don't hesitate to step in and make yourself comfy. We'd be happy to see you there!

Your friendly neighborhood badger
Andora Bumped 135 days ago

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beepbeep beepbeep
So amazing
I always feel like I can talk about anything. Everyone is so nice and the owners don’t look down their noses at us. I feel so comfortable in my own skin there.
528 days ago