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『The Hallowed』
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『The Hallowed』

Legends foretold of a secret world underneath our word, a hidden paradise of the past, a long forgotten haven of creatures of myths and legends. This place is the world of The Hallowed, the underground sanctuary for monsters and otherworldly creatures, driven by humanity. Having different regions to discover, each with its own denizens and characters to discover and interact. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy, magic, anf myths? Enter the world of The Hallowed now and craft your own story.
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samara samara
s'good 👌
Bare in mind this is my sisters account (i got banned (Im mistress of fate)
An amazing server though, some 👌 rp and such (though you better not go on holiday without telling anyone (or have some sort of job that means you cant do anything for a week (tis the limit on not doing rp))
Community is great, some quality (if cringy (mostly tamara (though they arent quality (so many fucking brackets)))) peeps, great server overall.

Dont mention anything obvious, hopefully thats enough of a hint.

(Im sorry if this cucks you sis)
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Shizixo Shizixo
Good Community Even Though I've Been There For Not That Long
A really good community from where I've been at. I'd recommend joining if you're looking to roleplay. (I don't even have the Roleplayer role but the lore and everything is so convincing and amazing!) If you're looking for a nice amount of positive and/or amazing people, this is the place to go. Yes, I rarely ever check the chat, but it's pretty good from where I'm looking at. Once again, I'd recommend joining it if you want to have fun!
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Shevi Shevi
Mod is a /pol/ baby
Can not take critique, will throw around alt right buzzwords feeling very good about himself, without even knowing their meaning or why they started using them. Do yourself a favor and do a 180 degree turn upon seeing this server.

It's a toxic sinkhole.
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I actually have another account I actually have another account
Very good server with friendly staff.
Talking as a former staff member, GODKIDRU aka the serious memer#2060 (WADDUP FAMS), this server has been the best roleplay server I have ever gone into. The community is so diverse and the staff are very friendly to most people (I mean most people). Now before you say anything to me cheeko, i do not have the purpose of sympathy for this review. This is plainly what i went through in this server, and you should join it.