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『The Hallowed』
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『The Hallowed』

Legends foretold of a secret world underneath our world, a hidden paradise of the past, a long forgotten haven of creatures of myths and legends. This place is the world of The Hallowed, the underground sanctuary for monsters and otherworldly creatures, driven by humanity. Having different regions to discover, each with its own denizens and characters to discover and interact. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy, magic, and myths? Enter the world of The Hallowed now and craft your own story.
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Filth-incarnate Filth-incarnate
Great server, good rp, no bullshit.
The server is great. A lot of the bad reviews I see are mostly talking about how the community is hurtful, offensive, toxic, etc. My response to this is, if you can't take criticism and or banter, why are you on the internet? So what they didn't give you special treatment. So what they didn't accept you're character even though it was breaking several of the oc guidelines. You're an innocent little snowflake that got hurt by da ebil staff right? If you're not a complete autist the staff and community will treat you nice. How about instead of complaining when your oc gets denied, you take the advice and fix it instead of raging about it. This server will constantly use offensive words, but only in banter. The server owner herself has even defended the certain groups that the words are deemed offensive too against actually hateful people. I've had a wonderful experience here. Why? Because i'm not incompetent and can follow rules. Most of the people that get denied completely ignore the rules just so they can make their "UwU cute cat girl" OC even though the guidelines explicitly state that no animal human hybrids or human like creatures are aloud (Stuff like a mermaid or a pink human with bunny ears will not be accepted). And no, this is not a furry server. They allow furries but it is not furry rp. Join this server if you can take friendly banter and offensive jokes, because not only is it an active general server, it is also has an active rp.
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wolfpack wolfpack
A message from Emilia~Chan: I’ve known the owner personally for quite a long time. I can tell you exactly what they are like, and it’s not pretty.
I’ve known the owner of the server for a little under a year. What was the reason I ever associated with her, you might ask? I’ll tell you: it was because I wanted information on someone we both hated. Let me tell you something about relationships like this... You tend to know things most other people don’t get to know. I won’t be disclosing any of those details, as those are very private matters that hardly matter any more, but let me get to the main point.
After awhile of speaking with her, I found out that she had a whole group of people who were loyal to her. Well, funny part of this is... when you get into the server, you can see how she did it. She was extremely paranoid, and unreasonably so. She would think everyone is out to get her, everyone is against her, so on and so forth. She would bring drama into her own server because she can’t control her own emotions. This may seem pretty petty to say, but I’m being entirely honest. She would paint people as the worst kind of person for the smallest things, and encourage others to witch hunt them. I used to be one of these poor souls, when I come to find out, it was completely stupid to begin with.
To top it all off, she constantly uses manipulative tactics to get her way, which is how she managed to get her hate group to begin with. She played victim, and she knew where to find all the white knights. This part, isn’t even a joke.
On the actual server aspect of things, you can expect where it goes if you make any mistakes. Usually, you are met with hostility and aggression, without a warning. It is the first response you will get. If you do not listen to the bully, the bully will remove you and continue to talk shit about you behind your back. I would be totally understanding about totally ridiculous things, but even the smallest details are talked about and blown into large things.
TL:DR - The owner is manipulative, paranoid, and has a very questionable set of morals. Engages in witch hunts, and likes to case problems for others, and herself.

(Posted on Emilia-Chan's behalf)
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Luna Luna
Great Server
So I am one of those people who love to rp a lot. The Hallowed has proven to be a server that, for me, has a lot of active people who are willing to rp, and if that wasn't enough, the people are also funny and nice.
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Silver Silver
Love this server! 10 outta 10, would join again
The overall lore is well thought out and fairly easy to follow if you take the time to read it through, as well as take the time to understand and read the rules. I'm still fairly new myself, but the community is very welcoming, if not a little "tough love"~ I enjoy it though, as there are many types of people to roleplay with, as well as a large and sprawling world to explore with the friends you make.

Special shout out to Cheeko, the server owner, for the no-nonsense approach to character creation, I really appreciate the hard work you do every day to keep the server running with your team~

Another shout out to the community as a whole. You guys are amazing, and even when I don't want to roleplay, I know I can just relax with you guys in the general chat and have fun~

Best of luck~ Silver <3