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『The Hallowed』
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『The Hallowed』

Legends foretold of a secret world underneath our word, a hidden paradise of the past, a long forgotten haven of creatures of myths and legends. This place is the world of The Hallowed, the underground sanctuary for monsters and otherworldly creatures, driven by humanity. Having different regions to discover, each with its own denizens and characters to discover and interact. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy, magic, anf myths? Enter the world of The Hallowed now and craft your own story.
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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews
Kaileia Kaileia
Pros: Amazing roleplay and friendly community.
Cons: Drama.

Of all the roleplay communities I’ve joined, this one is the only one I’ve ever felt so compelled to stay in.
For one, the roleplay is exquisite and is the highest quality roleplay I have ever had the pleasure of having because of the rules, lore and guidelines to ensure the quality of the rp.
The community is welcoming and enjoyable to partake in, especially the two owners.
The only downside is when drama happens with the owners and bigoted people who come in to be a bother.
Enceladus Enceladus
Both a thrilling and compelling story-driven RP server.
This server has proved to be one of the most well written and advanced servers I have had the pleasure of joining. There were guidelines in place to keep out mindless children from spamming, raiding and clogging up channels which I hadn't seen in other servers. The story followed a strict set of rules that only makes the experience feel much more grounded and surreal. The ranking system is just in its way of works, and the complexities are to be marveled at. The staff team have been very welcoming with answering my questions, whether they were through private messages or channels specifically for queries. I would recommend this server to anyone above eighteen who is open to friendly banter and doesn't have the fragile mindset of a child in an electric chair. <3
Zyncantræ Zyncantræ
Great server 5/5
Yeah, there isn’t much to say!
It’s a great server with a super positive outlook, everyone is super friendly and optimistic about the future of the roleplaying community!
Smug Smug
Slanderous and Racist.
Terrible community and a hypocritical owner. Most of the users there are either racist, idiots, or just have a high tolerance for assholes. I don't recommend people will open minds to join this, because you will be immediately shut out with slander. Unless that's your thing, then go right ahead and add to the cesspool.