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Furry Emporium
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Furry Emporium

This is a casual furry server/community. With that being said and in mind, please understand that we encourage free speech and that users on our server may speak their own mind so long as it is not intended as harassment. This is in place as a retreat or escape from the infringement and censorship of speech seen on a lot of other furry servers.
~~~~~~ Welcome To Chat ~~~~~~
🐾 Over 3000 members and still growing
🐾 Very nice 👌 VC moments
🐾 Game/Movie nights
🐾 MineCraft- Ip:
🐾 We accept anyone even normies/ weebs/ Bronies/ trolls/ Etc
🐾 Owner is very chad
🐾 Very Active Members
🐾 Nsfw Section
🐾 Open to change
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Ratings & Reviews

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BroDash BroDash
Hell but in a good way
if you like memes,lewds and a active chat with active mods and admins then this is the place for you I would recommend this to anyone.
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💚Plasma Joshie~💚 💚Plasma Joshie~💚
I know this server is supposed to be light on rules, but I’ve been harassed by other members right in front of staff and did nothing about it, granted this being the third time an incident like this happened to me. I’m always randomly pinged to be annoyed here after I try to start a conversation with someone and it’s so damn annoying. I wouldn’t recommend if you’re not into “overly memed” servers. Not a very kind community, especially getting told to “**** off” from mods after I first joined.
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Faolan Faolan
The Best Furry Server
A server with nice people. The Staff would get read of all the raiders nice and quick if there an annoyance
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Jason Jason
It's Ok, Nothing Bad About It