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Puddings and Pals

This is the server of a twitter artist, @SmolArtistChar. I'm a mtf trans girl artist trying to grow my little community here. We have a dedicated art role to ping to share your art with people who wanna see more art, so you could get some exposure for your art here! We're also very friendly and welcoming. Please join, we'd love to have you!
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Swoot Swoot
Fun To Be Around
This place truly is a great place to get lost in a conversation and achieve friends, I thank Char so much for helping me with who i am, this server is a great place, its not a toxic community and a very fun and loving community. Thank You Char, So Much, Your Server Helped Me With Who I Am
I eat bath bombs like apples I eat bath bombs like apples
Everyone here is so friendly, I love it.

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