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Sword Art Online
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Sword Art Online

Hey! Welcome to Sword Art Online!

We are a growing Sword Art Online roleplay community, featuring Sword Art Online, Alfheim online, Gun Gale Online, and we even have Ordinal Scale!!! We will start Boss raids,
complete epic quests or compete at the Bullet of Bullets tournament as epic events!

See you there!

Link start!
Asuna Bumped 3 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Aredius Aredius
Totally worth joining.
Where can I start? This server's got one of the most positive constructive communities I've ever seen. Most opinions are respected and constructive criticism is delivered in a civil manner. Everybody here's nice and friendly, and totally ready to welcome newcomers with open arms. The roleplay itself is pretty easy to get into, but once you start you probably won't want to stop. All in all, it's a great server that I recommend joining.
Keitaro Keitaro
Totally worth it
Friendly staff? Check. Awesome roleplay? Check. Funny moments? Check. What more can ya' want in a RP server? :D Kudos to the members of the SAO RP server, y'all are a crazy bunch and I love you guys for it! ^^
Hastened Sloth Hastened Sloth
An overall pleasant experience
Members and staff are pleasant and welcoming as long as you don't start trouble. Roleplays are simple enough to get into, but they're still interesting to keep your attention for the most part. Overall, a pleasant server; would recommend to anyone with even the slightest interest in SAO and roleplaying.
iGuiltyFire iGuiltyFire
Review for SAO RP
well made server, very friendly atmosphere