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ɹǝǝqʇooᴚ uıɐʇdɐƆ ɹǝǝqʇooᴚ uıɐʇdɐƆ
In response to brony's review
MacroSizedBrony or SuperKingGhidora has been a thorn in everyone's side for I don't know how long. I used to moderate on several other servers in addition to owning two public servers of my own, and I can confirm that Ghidora is banned on five servers that I know of. I was recently added as an admin on this server and after some discussion with the new staff team we've implemented some new features that will help cut back on temper tantrums such as the one thrown by Ghidora and spamming/trolling in general.
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Woynich Woynich
Just here to balance against another review
As of Spring 2019, this server has been derelict for a few months. The mods have been absent but thankfully a new team has just started up, thanks to a user who left a 1-star review here. That user took advantage of the lax moderation at the time to start insulting people over what he called "neo-nazi-sjw behavior" (such as calling him "Bro" or ignoring his RP requests), and he finally got the mods to realize they needed to find a new team to do their jobs.

One of the ways he tried to get back was by sending the new mod staff pictures of his 1-star review here, along with the lines:
"There you go. Punishment for your bullshit.
At least I'm honest with why I RP.
Unlike 99% of the over 500 members here
And if you so much as delete my review then congrats for solidifying yourself as SJW trash. And if [the server owner] deletes it then he double whammies as a popufur piece of shit.
So yeah. I'd do the right thing and leave it up. You lot EARNED that one star.
You don't DESERVE more."

So... apparently leaving the review up is the right thing to do, and I thought I might as well just add more context to it. In a strange way, his behavior did help improve the server. It got the mod staff looking to change the RP culture in the server for the better, and so they banned him.
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MacroSizedBrony MacroSizedBrony
Absolute trash.
This server lacks ANY respect for story focused RPers and decides to resort to right ring like mindsets to try and defend their toxic mindset of behaving in a toxic manner to story RPers.

In short if you are like me, a literate macro/micro RPer DO NOT come here.