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Primitive Remnants: A Warriors Roleplay
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Primitive Remnants: A Warriors Roleplay

|:| [Literate!][Active!][Dark Themes!] |:|

Recommended Age: 15+

|:| Introductions |:|

Greetings, wanderer. You've stumbled upon the lands of Primitive Remnants. Will you choose between CirrusClan, ShaleClan, HollowClan, or RidgeClan - or will you carve your own path at the mercy of these lands? If you are a fan of Warrior Cats and you love creativity, let us extend our paws to you in welcome!

|:| Features |:|

❖ A literate writing platform with 3 sentence/2 line post minimum.
❖ A supportive community and administration team where all walks of people are welcomed.
❖ A server shop, bots, special ranks, OOC channels, and OTM awards!
❖ Bi-weekly activity checks!
❖ Inner-Clan and Cross-Clan plots!
...And much, much more. We treat our server as a second home and family away from the constant struggles of life.

|:| This server opened in October 2018 has been going strong since. We hope you join in and add your spice to our community! |:|
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Bourbon Bourbon
Absolutely outstanding
I've truly never felt more welcomed and appreciated in a community such as this. Before joining PR, I had been searching for decent Warriors roleplay servers and kept coming up empty. I'm beyond grateful to my dear friend that introduced me to this amazing server.
In all honesty, if you're looking for a welcoming community that will take you in with open arms and lift your spirits, this is it. I'm truly blessed to be apart of this server.
kompis231 kompis231
Good community, active roleplay!
I remember being one of the first members of PR. I was looking for a Warriors roleplay which wasn't too tightly knit and this place was friendly right from the get-go. I've seen it evolve and now it's a fully-blown community who welcomes everyone that joins. We are open to anyone new, which is a trait not all that many servers have. If you want to join a place that isn't afraid of mature themes and is welcoming, this is the place for you. 10/10 recommended.
ℓα¢υηαяσ ℓα¢υηαяσ
A great community overall
I joined Primitive Remnants back in December, and I was immediately welcomed with open arms. The staff is amazing- doing everything they can to keep things in line and make sure everyone is okay. Faded has put so much effort into this and overall it's become like a second family to me- if you're looking for a tight knit community, I highly recommend joining Primitive Remnants.
Alika/Amy💫 Alika/Amy💫
A fun, welcoming community for all
For quite some time, I've been searching for a good discord rp server to join, and when I found this server and joined it, I knew that this was the server for me. Things are very organised here, and there are a fun, friendly welcoming community ready to greet you and help you out when you need it! Not to mention the interesting, spicy drama/plot going on in the clans right now. If you're looking for a fun-filled place to roleplay and talk to people, this is the place for it

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