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Primitive Remnants: A Warriors Roleplay
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Primitive Remnants: A Warriors Roleplay

|:| [Literate!][Active!][Dark Themes!][Established & Growing!] |:|

Disclaimer: Organized, special ranks, specialized roleplay, and an amazing community to thrive as a writer. We are for the more mature audience and have darker-themed plots planned for the future, being themed around old "primitive" times for clans causing us to not be your typical rainbow and sunshine server. Proceed at your own risk.

|:| Introductions |:|

Greetings, wanderer. You've stumbled upon the lands of Primitive Remnants. Will you choose between CirrusClan, ShaleClan, or HollowClan - or will you carve your own path at the mercy of these lands? If you are a fan of Warrior Cats and you love creativity, let us extend our paws to you in welcome!

|:| Features |:|

❖ A literate writing platform with 3 sentence/2 line post minimum.
❖ A supportive community and administration team where all walks of people are welcomed.
❖ A server shop, bots, special ranks, OOC channels, and OTM awards!
❖ A standard of activity to ensure you will not waste your time with dead server.
❖ A growing plot, always open for you to insert your unique OCs and join the fun. We include and welcome everyone.
❖ Comprehensive Rulebook and Guidebook to ensure the best possible roleplay experience.
❖ Easy-to-navigate channels with an appealing design and color scheme.

|:| This server opened in October 2018 has been going strong since. We hope you join in and add your spice to our community! |:|
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
kompis231 kompis231
Good community, active roleplay!
I remember being one of the first members of PR. I was looking for a Warriors roleplay which wasn't too tightly knit and this place was friendly right from the get-go. I've seen it evolve and now it's a fully-blown community who welcomes everyone that joins. We are open to anyone new, which is a trait not all that many servers have. If you want to join a place that isn't afraid of mature themes and is welcoming, this is the place for you. 10/10 recommended.
LacunaRo LacunaRo
A great community overall
I joined Primitive Remnants back in December, and I was immediately welcomed with open arms. The staff is amazing- doing everything they can to keep things in line and make sure everyone is okay. Faded has put so much effort into this and overall it's become like a second family to me- if you're looking for a tight knit community, I highly recommend joining Primitive Remnants.
Alika/Amy💫 Alika/Amy💫
A fun, welcoming community for all
For quite some time, I've been searching for a good discord rp server to join, and when I found this server and joined it, I knew that this was the server for me. Things are very organised here, and there are a fun, friendly welcoming community ready to greet you and help you out when you need it! Not to mention the interesting, spicy drama/plot going on in the clans right now. If you're looking for a fun-filled place to roleplay and talk to people, this is the place for it
LizardLadyBaby LizardLadyBaby
Best Roleplaying Experience!
When I first started hunting down a warrior cats roleplay to join up with, I was hesitant? Would I be accepted? Would it be very active?
Those fears were all dashed when I joined PR. The community is very welcoming, everybody has excellent Oc's, and there is a lot of innerclan drama right now.
If there was any warrior cats server to join, this is the one my dudes.