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The Hesperides Château

The Hesperides Château is a literate 18+ roleplaying server centered around casual but well-written RP, specifically Slice-of-life and ERP. The server setting is an otherworldly resort with a fairly simple lore setup, and our character creation process is very freeform since characters can arrive from various universes.

The château is a social sandbox, so if you're looking for action or plot-heavy RP this is not really the best place to be. But otherwise, if you want to hang out and have fun in more ways than one with all sorts of characters, please swing by!
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I was very nervous when I joined this group. I had around six years of roleplay under my belt, so I figured that I was alright, and the staff of this group thought so as well, when they accepted my vignette in the foyer. That moment opened up the doors to a massive community of wonderful people, that I talk with every day. Each of them make me feel absolutely awesome, and everyone is an individual, all a very unique and important piece to the community that is the Hesperides Chateau.
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HawkHound HawkHound
That's hot, oh that's hot.
After months of concise thought and "research" in the server. I can thoroughly, and completely say that I love this server. Now, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Literate/Advanced literate writers? Check. Interesting characters that have some amazing lore behind them? Checkamundo. Granted, it can be scary to start here, but trust me, Once you get settled and find some partners, you'll love your stay. Now, in the words of Will Smith. "That's hot, Oh that's hot."

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Fiona, Canadabait Extraordinaire Fiona, Canadabait Extraordinaire
Snuggle in and get comfy; a safe space to roleplay.
In the interests of keeping myself from rambling, here are my bullet points about the Château!

o Friendly people! I normally lurk on most servers, but this place makes me feel comfortable enough to just sit and chat with members and mods alike, whether in text or voice.

o Great roleplay. We’re talking lovely, juicy posts that you can really sink your teeth into. I can’t express how glad I am that there is a quality control measure in place – it helps keep the level of writing consistent. No one-liners here!

o Flexible character creation. There’s a pretty diverse pool of characters on this server and it’s easy to create something you’ll love to play, or to find something that piques your interest.

o Events! Our owner, Lann, puts a lot of effort into these, whether they’re for holidays or just to liven things up. They’re a fun little extra to participate in if you happen to have the time!

So, from the mouth of the least social butterfly ever, this is an easy, comfortable place to hang out with chill people, and do something you love. It’s definitely one of my favourite servers.
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Tale Spinner|☆ Tale Spinner|☆
Perfect place with friendly people
I joined up in this community upon the word of a good friend. When I first started I was going through a rather difficult portion of my life. The community here gave me a positive welcoming and made life easier by sharing good stories and laughter. The format is easy to follow and the story left open ended. The admins are helpful and often times kind. If you're looking for a place to call him then step on in. The chateau's doors are always open.

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