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City of Gods - Mafia Comics Universe
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City of Gods - Mafia Comics Universe

Welcome to Capetown City.

Population? Who the hell knows? With so many babies, people moving in and people dying or disappearing, it’s really hard to keep track. But as long as you keep your nose clean and keep your eyes open, you should be good around here.

It’s definitely an interesting place with a lot of interesting characters. A bunch of eccentrics and weirdos, if you ask me. Some folks with personalities that sound like they jumped straight out of a comic book. Though that only makes them more dangerous, doesn’t it?

Anyway, be careful. You don’t want to end up like one of those poor souls who don’t realize that they’re in a City of Gods.

⬥Modern setting with mafia elements
⬥Accepts characters from many comic publishers
⬥Literate para and multi-para roleplay
⬥Friendly, diverse and inclusive community
⬥Dedicated and helpful staff team
⬥Seasonal major storylines and events

Currently looking for characters from: Star Wars, Star Trek, Once Upon A Time, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mass Effect, Tekken, Street Fighter, Warframe, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Archie/Riverdale, Game of Thrones, Grimm, Supernatural and more.
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Ratings & Reviews

36 reviews
Iron Shark Iron Shark
One of the best servers I’ve ever been on.
As someone who goes through phases of fishing through servers, I can confidently say that this server is one of the best I’ve ever been on. The staff are amazing, the community is great and the atmosphere is just all round pleasant. If you’re into comics of any universe, I couldn’t recommend this server enough. 💖
umbrella academy 2 when? umbrella academy 2 when?
Very nice server!
I've been in the server for about a month and the community is really great! So many people are active on there and its really creative!
Torkoal Tom Torkoal Tom
A great server.
The community is friendly, promotes a non-toxic and safe environment, and cracks down on the people who'd rather break the rules than actually participate like decent human beings. I wonder where some of these negative reviews have come from. Consider the possible sources, people ;P

On another note, the server is actually quite wonderful. From the second you join you feel a sense of welcoming and they are more than willing to listen to you ramble on about every possible character idea you might have. The size of the server itself might be intimidating at times, but don't let that stop you from joining!
Fio Fio
Good-ass People and Great Rpers!
I've only been on this server for a few days but I gotta say, this place has me psyched for rping. The community they have here are great and lovely as heck and I've already gotten a big laugh in the span of the few days I've been there rufhisdjcfdijsn The rps are awesome too! While its fun to write your own, its also interestin to read what's going on with other people's characters and cry internally XDD I'd say join this place if you'd love to rp a varied amount of canon characters with good peeps >:Dc