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The Clone Wars: Wave Two
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The Clone Wars: Wave Two

Sides have been drawn: begun, the Clone War has. Set immediately following the Battle of Geonosis, the Clone Wars server will progress through the course of the entire war, with both major battles and events from the shows and movies, as well as the opportunity to add your own mark on the war! Join the Republic and fight for unity, or join the Separatist cause and fight for freedom. Can you survive the Clone Wars?

🔘Over 100 unique locations with dedicated channels for roleplay
🔘Unique player clone battalions and groups
🔘Great staff that’s dedicated to making the server fun and active
🔘Dedicated music bot and channel
🔘Templates to help you make your characters and items with ease
🔘An active community that loves Star Wars
🔘Casualty list so we remember those who have fallen in the conflict

And much much more!
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Someone Someone
The Best SWRP Server.
This server is more than anything. Kind staff, good people. A lot of opportunity to RP and follows the timeline correctly.
Lieutenant Razor Lieutenant Razor
I found this server to be amazing in my opinion. The people are all friendly and will help you with anything you need especially the staff, the RP is fantastic and whether you’re a star wars nerd or just new to star wars I recommend this place for you. I’ve had my best times here
Aoz Aoz
The Best RP Server!
I have gone looking for many different RP servers in the past and none has been as fulfilling and fun to be in as this one. I have made many great friends on this server and the RP I have cultivated there is some of my best! I was able to grow as a writer and as an RPer with the support of the wonderful staff and moderation team.

I am so glad that I found this server because it has been everything that I could have possibly wanted in a Clone Wars Era RP server! Give it a shot and come hang out~!
Tiberius Tiberius
I spend the majority of my free time on this server, amazing way to spend a hour or two. The staff here are usually cool headed, (but can get frustrated). Amazing server regardless.