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SoulPath: Resurgence
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SoulPath: Resurgence

In the year of 2053 the government hatched a plan to slow the speed of the worlds resource use. Through this plan they devised a game called Soulpath which killed players that died in game in the real world. This was to lower the world's population to a sustainable level. After the server host died from PvP in the early stages of the game it very quickly caved in on itself. The game forced everyone out of the Excadrive System and completely removed itself from the internet. A surprise to most, it could not be found on any ES’s or any sourced platform. It literally vanished into thin air.
The government quickly began work on Soulpath: World Origin. This game would be based off the first and linked to the mind of an infant. This would allow the game to thrive for many years, and then be able to move to a new host. The game launched smoothly, allowing many people to play for their lives for a long period of time. However, the infant was also forced to play the game due to being linked to the Excadrive System. The child died, unable to understand the basis of the game.
The government has once again tried to continue the Soulpath series, this time unlinking it from the mind of a player and syncing it to a building. This building would act as a host, projecting the game all over the world through the Excadrive System. The game was renamed Soulpath: Parallel Shore.
At the end of Parallel Shore, the Gateway was destabilized. All killed players, and players that were playing the game found themselves in a new world. The traversal of worlds has become known as The End Times, because their real bodies died on Earth. Stranded on this new planet, they must now make their own way.
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