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Dere Academy
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Dere Academy

Embark on a RP journey of a lifetime.
Experience the dere archetypes like never before.
Dare to fight against the wrath of the Tsunderes.
Escape from the nightmareish footsteps of the Yanderes.
Sit and stare at a wall with the Kuuderes.
Laugh and enjoy life with the Derederes.

Nearly all dere types ever found in anime.
Quality RPs, active members.
Organized structure, helpful staff.
Events, free discord nitro, and more!

Indulge in our non-toxic community, and let it become your new home.
Welcome to Dere Academy.
Whatever routes you take...

The choice is always yours.
Akira Bumped 24 minutes ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
Yunako Yunako
Just kinda sucks.. not the best place to go because a lot of people are just trying to force ship and force nsfw on others.
Gaming Addiction Gaming Addiction
Love this server
In my experience here, this server is well organized, has friendly staff, and a great community. I have been here for a few weeks now, and i feel at home here. I dearly love this place.
『Kyoukai|No|Kanata』 『Kyoukai|No|Kanata』
Great! Absolutely Amazing!
The rp is really good in general and is full with lively people and staff. The staff is always active and the creativity is amazing!

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