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🏁Team Sonic Racers🏁
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🏁Team Sonic Racers🏁

The Team Sonic Racing Discord Server. Host races and chat with friends here for the
ultimate racing experience.
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10 reviews
Sk Sk
- not too little and not too much organized 5/5
- structured categories and channels 5/5
- active community 5/5
- the biggest Discord server relating to the game Team Sonic Racing 5/5
- plenty of emotes 5/5

All wishes are granted.
Toils Toils
meme review
so they have a few memes on dere which is gud but theres 1 thing that they need to get rid of and that is the .t rouge command DONT USE IT AT ALL COSTS and thats the end of dis meme review
✨ATalksToSelf✨ ✨ATalksToSelf✨
Great Server
Team Sonic Racers is a great place to hang out and talk with other sonic fans. The mods and server owner, Weed, are awesome. If you like Sonic or TSR, this is the place to join.
MarkRetro MarkRetro
Great Server.
this server is good and gae. can we have 5 likes?

But seriously, this server is good! I like how the people are in there, I didn't found any problem in the time I was there.
They have control over the people there with their memes.
And now I know where to find someone to play with me when the game comes out!

Why don't you review 🏁Team Sonic Racers🏁?