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The Furry Agenda
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The Furry Agenda

Welcome to The Furry Agenda!
(Must be 16+ to join)

A chill zone where you can chat, share, and meet new furs!
We promise you will have a good time.

We provide various channels for SFW, NSFW, art, and games.

We are a smaller community, where you will be heard and respected.
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Ratings & Reviews

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🌸 Zephyr 🌸 🌸 Zephyr 🌸
best furry server i've been in. the community here is respectful and enjoyable to be involved with. the mods are always on top of things and raiders are taken care of quickly. definitely recommend for anyone looking for good servers
182 days ago
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Everest Everest
Non-toxic friendly furry server!
I've been on this server for about half a year now. It's a server that I would recommend to fellow furs 'cause it's that amazing. I wanna start this review with a few points that make this server great, one, it's a 16+ server so none of that kinda cringy and annoying young population of the community plus you can expect that people are at least reasonable and quirky. Second, it's not a dating server, people can get together in this server but it's not the main point of the server and honestly, I would think of this server less if it was. Third, there's no vent channel, THANK GOD, no one's here to vent and be an attention whore. Yes, I know that there's ups and downs to it but if you're seeking help, you should ask a professional and not a furry server. Fourth, the staff team and the owner is active and friendly! They have a bot to report problems with and they usually take care of them in minutes, their staff team lives in different time zones and you'll usually see one or more online most of the time. Overall, this is one of the best furry servers I've been on and people here are super nice and conversations here aren't just "OwO hugs" and random roleplay shit. Definitely give this server a try!
185 days ago
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Grimm LaStand Grimm LaStand
Amazing Place!
Been here for half a year and grown to love the owner and their staff. So kind and understanding, always ready to lend a helping hand. A simple layout provides great ease of transportation and a great, humorous active VC community puts a cherry on top of it all.

Loved all of memories I've made here so far and cant wait for the future ones, yet to come. <3
188 days ago
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Trash Panda Fabian Trash Panda Fabian
Is Great.
Its pretty good. My best friend told me to join it and it helped me understand what the fandom is all about. Truly enlightening. Love the 1st month being on.
188 days ago