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Müggdraheim [ RP ]
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Müggdraheim [ RP ]

Whalecum to our unique norse-inspired realm of Müggdraheim!

We are a new fantasy RP server set in the medieval era, set with a detailed and well thought of lore.

What we have to offer:

♡ A wide and unique range of races!
♡ 6 guilds to choose from!
♡ In-depth lore and map!
♡ Many NPCs; you'll never rp alone!
♡ A huge range of beasts!
♡ Friendly and welcoming staff!
♡ We're open to creativity!
♡ Purchasable roles and colours!
♡ Fun bots such as Tatsumaki and Unbelievaboat!

We do ask that you be over 13, and we prefer roleplayers with correct grammar and detail. We aspire to be a large community, so come and join! Give us a shot!
tapwater Bumped 192 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
Karmine Karmine
Muggdraheim Does Not Want You
This server follows a pattern to a similar one I've seen before. It really seems to be the personal rp haven of two people. A genuinely kind and involved girl and a very angry aggressive boy who are co owners respectively. The rules are very arbitrary and the angry boy is allowed to get away with whatever he wants, its fine its his server, he can tell people "this is real life, go fuck yourself" and all those other things if he wants to. But he can't act that way and expect people to stay. Really a great scenario and well thought out lore, but you will likely feel very unwelcome and watch this person burst into angry fits of rage at you because he feels like it. If you are down to tolerate this stuff, go on right ahead, but you don't have to stay since they clearly have no interest in keeping you around.
Metal Metal
Great Premise, And That's About It.
The scenario was thought out, and clearly had a lot of work put into it, but don't bother asking where something is, or how to get something done, or you will be insulted by the server owner. Muggdraheim is a server for the people running it, not for newcomers. If I could attach screenshots of the barrage of insults Teri Kuruzu#1737 (The server owner) sent me for asking where I could submit a character, I would. There's simply too much baggage attached, and too little knowledge on how to run a happy healthy community.
tapwater tapwater
A lot of work went into this.
A lot of work went into this server, the plot is active and the lore is detailed. If y'all would stop annoying the admins, no problems will occur, okay?
Fish Taco~✯🍶 Fish Taco~✯🍶
Lovely server but toxic co owner
This role play server has an interesting plot line with a well produced background and base information. The idea and system is well constructed however, the co owner or perhaps; the asshole that has the ban function misuses his power and abuses the server members. With an owner that is unlikely to do anything to this one member, the future of this server is dreary. But if you can avoid this toxic moody teenager with a sociopath of a personality or rather just going through another preteen phase, you'll have a grand time. The other members are welcoming and well established folks, just avoid this sorry excuse of an administrator and you're all set.