Müggdraheim [ RP ]

Müggdraheim [ RP ]

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Hello! welcome to the world of Müggdraheim!

We are a new fantasy RP server set in the medieval era, based in our own unique realm.

What we have to offer:

⭐ A wide and unique range of races!
⭐ 6 guilds to choose from!
⭐ In-depth lore and map!
⭐ Many NPCs; you'll never rp alone!
⭐ A huge range of beasts!
⭐ Friendly and welcoming staff!
⭐ We're open to creativity!

We do ask that you be over 13, and we prefer roleplayers with correct grammar and detail. We aspire to be a large community, so come and join! Give us a shot!

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Terī kurūzu | テリークルーズ Terī kurūzu | テリークルーズ
Pretty neat
Probably the best RP server there is