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Sakura Resort and Spa

Hello there! We're glad to have you as a customer here and Sakura Spa and Resort. Here at the Sakura Spa and Resort, we have many channels to spend your time. The clean-chat is where we have all general conversation, nsfw-chat is when that chat gets a bit sexy. Nsfw posting is for all the porn you wanna share, and meme-talk is well... for memes. And looking below general chat we have the refs! This is where you can read up on the maids and butlers serving you, and if you're active enough even post your own! Now what are the maids and butlers for you might ask? Well, simple go to the check-in lobby, request one, and they'll "see to your needs". Beyond that, we have other rooms for rping, such as the kitchen, pool, and others! There's more description on them in their own rooms, so check them out! Furthermore, we're always open to suggestions and will hear out complaints, which go in the respective channels. With all that said, we hope you have a great time here!
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Tired Boi Asher Tired Boi Asher
Just A Mess
Ok. Let me start off by saying John Connor was right on all of it. I ignored him and actually showed his review to the group and they freaked the fuck out and acted like ravenous psychos because "someone dared speak ill" which is the only reason those other two reviewed and I can guarantee more of them will review after just to try and bury any criticism because they're unable to stomach it. There's more then a little cringe from the mods and higher members circle jerking how great they are and more then a little cringe from overly thirsty and desperate members, they're very quick to ban people that just don't like regardless of any rules not being broken. And most of the "favorite" members and mods act like spammer children constantly and attack you if you say anything. On top of it all this server quickly broke down and they've lost the woman who made the server and a handful of mods. Leaving the most cancerous mods in charge of this mess.
All in all, Bad time.
The Truest of Memes The Truest of Memes
good meme
self explanatory
Draco the Chaos Dragon King Draco the Chaos Dragon King
Honestly, I may have a little bias in regards to this server as I've been in it for some time, but it's an amazing server for sure. Friendly, if a bit of a quirky community of people, good staff that can operate all hours of the day to solve issues, and a variety of channels for roleplay, images, and even simple conversation. The people are great, the RPs are fun and have a diverse range of styles and partners, and it's always nice to feel welcome, eh? Bias as I am a butler there, but it truly is a fun place, so do drop by and visit. We'd be happy to have you.
John Connor John Connor
decent server,but the rules are biased in enforcement
servers got some bad moderation, they suck up to certain members when they are simply in character employees who can start an argument and get away with it. he called out the way I texted on the server, called me immature because of "the way I act, and my profile picture which was immature", basically, one of its members thought I was a 13-15-year-old and was essentially a grammar nazi about my texts in one of the general chat channels. which is uncalled for and should have been handled better by the staffm the result of me defending myself and asking a staff for help? 2 hour mute by an admin. do not go here if you want to be treated kindly with respect and kindness. expect certain members to be disrespectful and rude and expect the moderation to suck up to members with the butler and maid rank. in short, if you want a better server, look elsewhere, cause this only half decent in terms of staff, if you want to be greeted by biased staff and only halfway decent members, this is the server for you, otherwise, don't touch this server. and here is the thing, The Truest of Memes#3057, that's the member who called me out for being immature, yet he has a Roblox face as his profile picture, something a 5-10-year-old would use! you can't say a profile pic is immature without checking your own first, you just can't. as Jontron would say: I get it, I dont get it!