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Discord themes, gaming, art, music & more. Chill server where anyone can come to hang out, make friends, share your content and have fun^_^
➽ Custom Discord Themes
➽ A place to share your content
➽ Events, Giveaways
➽ Music / Video
➽ Gaming Guilds
➽ Art and Wallpapers
➽ Economy System
➽ Custom Discord Bots
➽ CSS/JS - Help / Snippets
➽ Server Leaderboard/Bot Games
➽ Trusted Staff
➽ Growing & Friendly Community
➽ Actively searching for staff/community events
Satoru Bumped 5 days ago

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🐾🐱Kօռɛӄօ🐱🐾 🐾🐱Kօռɛӄօ🐱🐾
Chikara best place ever <3
Chikara wouldn't be the community based place without me existing in it. Without me, Chikara would never be the happy home it became. If and when it does inevitably goes down, I will be sad. But, as long as the friends I made there stick by me, I'll be happy <3
293 days ago
PsychoManiac¹⁸⁹ PsychoManiac¹⁸⁹
best server!
this is the best server ever because it has very friendly people and very polite
297 days ago
༻Staruu༺ ༻Staruu༺
I like the server
Very nice people, and Satoru is a man 💪
You can chat and spend time nicely or be here just for awesome themes (the best you can possibly find) with support and requests. Its up to you ^-^
309 days ago
Pykenstein Pykenstein
What a nice server
Veri nais really got good themes for discord, great owner and amazing members. Lots of channels, very postitive much wow great interaction.
309 days ago