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Chilling Paradise
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Chilling Paradise

Hello! This is a server where you can just talk, meet new people, and have fun in general, connecting with people through games or other things you're interested in. Roleplaying here is completely optional and you are not forced to make a character in order to stay in the server's community! The Rp's theme is a mix of Fantasy and Sci-fi, a "freedom" to do whatever you like (as long as you don't break away from the lore or feel of rp).
Short List of What We Have:
🔘 Respectful Staff
🔘 Community Chat Channels (including different channels for different things)
🔘 Gaming Chat
🔘 NSFW channels
🔘 Roleplaying Channels (Need Approval from Staff)
With this, I hope to see you in the server chatting away. I will be looking forward in seeing you all in chat!
🃏雨宮れん Bumped 9 days ago

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