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🎄 Bellylovers (18+) 🎄

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Do you have a belly fetish? Like to chat with others about bellies? Well we’ve got just the place for you! ^°^

~You will go through verification upon entering the server.~
AmaterasuFlame98 Bumped 7 hours ago

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Loberon Loberon
Be careful who you give the serverownership to.
The new admin started collecting private information of the users there for doxxing. Stay away from this server.
KonkeyDong KonkeyDong
I like most of the channels just not one rule.
It’s a great place to be to find your favorite fetishes the only problem is you have to be a certain level to access the nsfw stuff which is unfair to some people who just wanna see these channels and they have to get one for days and slowly level up.
clown clown
Horrible owner.
The owner was super rude to me after I had to clarify something, because they have a "closed dms" role, and also because of my "attitude" when it was just a simple clarification? and then they simply just ignore it like nothing happened?

Very immature and unprofessional.
Irisa Iblis Irisa Iblis
Do Not Recommend, Obviously Ran by Teenagers
Sounded nice so i thought id join, being a long time frequenter of more adult servers i fully expected the verification, despite being nearly thirty, it is annoying but understandable. First time ive ever tried to verify in a server that had drill sergeants for staff though... to spare anyone else the grief of going through that joke, you need a cellphone to take a picture of your id side by side of the monitor then upload that to your pc and blur, it has to follow EXACTLY to the T the instructions your given or youll be met with a very swift boot to the ass, so make sure everythign is 4k. The "Welcome" i received was about as warm as a splash of artic water to the face after being punched with brass knucles. Avoid the scam loves, there are plenty of other servers that have much nicer communities and people