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Bellylovers (18+)

**Under new management as of Dec 22**

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Do you have a belly fetish? Like to chat with others about bellies? Well we’ve got just the place for you! ^°^

We're a quiet server with an overall friendly moderation team, LGBT+ supporting community, and plenty of opportunity to find a roleplay partner!

~You will go through verification upon entering the server. Please have your ID or other proof of DOB ready, and ping a mod once you answer the five verification questions.~
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17 reviews
Kyle Kyle
Worth the visit, if not the stay
I joined the server back in January (now May) and by initial appearances everyone was warm and inviting and at the very least non-exclusive. People have friendships and connections, so it's expected that some people favor interacting with some over others, but it never felt like I was being actively ignored or avoided. The server has been under new management for a while now, and, regardless of what it might have been then, the mods and owner have actively sought to try and encourage inclusion and remain progressive in attending to the needs of the members and the growth of the server. There have been ups, and there have been downs, but through it all the server has remained as friendly and inviting as it has been since I first joined. I'd definitely encourage checking the server out.
57 days ago
Neko Succubus Aki | Nekothulhu Neko Succubus Aki | Nekothulhu
So far so good~
Honestly when I first joined I assumed the server might be like the rest of the server's that I joined that are similar, Friendly atmosphere, Great people. Haven't had any problems since I've joined either~
So far so good~
116 days ago
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Shadow_De_Way Shadow_De_Way
Im just here (._.)
as far as running a server goes. this on is in tact, though i must admit i have checked off the "Mute server" and "hide muted channels" box so majority of the time the server is quiet to me. all in all i like the server, i get my fill. my only complaint to the server owners, y'all doing good. but I Dislike like fact i have to type and chat to level up to view NSFW content. if i am mistaking you for another server my apologies.
Keep up the great work and may all fetishes be Met.
Spuddles, the Wedgelord Spuddles, the Wedgelord
Admin response
We *used* to do that, but we've updated how NSFW roles work since then ^^
Regardless, we're glad you're having a good time! <3
173 days ago
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Steeltomoya91 Steeltomoya91
Badass server
This is a wonderful server for those of us who kick abs to the curb and go for the rounder look. Everyone is nice and sociable making roleplaying smooth and easy to set up. Check this server out folks. Join me won't you?😉
173 days ago