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Enchanted Angels
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Enchanted Angels

The Flowers
A fun, chill LGBTQ+ friendly server!What do we have to offer?

🌻 A wide range of custom color roles

🌻 A special corner for all of your interests so you can discuss and enjoy with other members

🌻 Weekly game nights and movie nights

🌻 Neat and organized so everything is easy to find

🌻 Voice chats for you and your friends to play games or hangout

🌻 Bots for you to assign your own role, level up, and play music
I hope you will have fun in this server and enjoy yourself!
Raisa Bumped 15 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

1 review
LunaTheRat🌙 LunaTheRat🌙
A great server!
Best server iv'e joined! The owner is so nice and so is the staff!
It's small and cute. I'm so happy I joined, I hope you will too.
The Mods, admins, and Owners are the best people iv'e ever met! It lets me be myself!

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