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The World of Alterra
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The World of Alterra

Welcome to Alterra!

We are a literate fantasy role play community that strives to further construct the world of Alterra through player interaction in addition to our loremasters.

It’s been ten thousand years since the goddess of creation used her powers to seal away the goddess of destruction. The world was thrust into turmoil and a thousand-year war began between the nations. A war that shaped nations indefinitely and is on the brink of change once more . . .

Pledge your allegiance to one of 10 nations--or don't. The choice is yours.
Select one of 9 races that's to your liking. The ability to make hybrid races is available!
Combine your race with one of 21 adventure classes to craft your ideal character!
Create or join a noble house within one of the ten nations, live like a vagabond or something in the middle. All paths are welcome.
Utilize our original combat and stats system to ensure character balancing.
Customize magical and non-magical abilities to suit your character's desires and needs.
Create or join guilds.

Whatever your writing style, Alterra welcomes you like a hearth fire on a stormy night. Be a part of our lively community and constitute our foundation. Whatever your purpose for writing, we seek to fulfill it.
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Ratings & Reviews

88 reviews
Orion Keeper Orion Keeper
GREATEST SERVER I'VE EVER JOINED. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE SO MUCH FUN MEETING NEW PEOPLE AND FINDING DIFFERENT CLASSES AND RACES. I definitely recommend this server to Role Player's and people looking for new people to meet and to make in general lots of fun!
SuperGeek SuperGeek
Much better than a lot of other RP servers
So far I have only been on this server for less than a day. I bombard the staff with a bunch of questions as I first join and I receive their full cooperation in helping me make my character. The server uses a combat system based on dice which I myself am not too familiar with, but using that system is optional anyway and provides a stable way to fight each other without arguing about power scaling. I got my character approved within the first 6 hours at like 4 a.m. which is above average compared to other servers character approval rates as those take anywhere between 1 to 3 days usually. I also the enjoy the clear path of progression that some rp servers just don't have. Good server. Sub to Pewdiepie. SUB TO PEWDIEPIE.
Meowmann Meowmann
Pretty good, there are times of inactivity though
Its pretty good, but I noticed majority of the members are from EST or other places besides Asia.
Mister_Howns Mister_Howns
Pretty fucken neato
This server really feels like I am playing an Oldschool MMO or RPG, while even having similar aspects to DnD. The Dice Combat and Stats are a little flawed, but that is to be expected. Staff are nice and helpful all the time-When they decide to be online of course. Everyone tends to be nice and make memes and be super weird, but that's what you look for in a server, right?