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Naruto: Rise of the New Generation
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Naruto: Rise of the New Generation

Our server prides itself on story focused content.
We try our best to be minimalistic and unrestrictive to your roleplay as long as it does not harm the overall narrative.
We hold weekly events to progress our server's canon.

Feel free to hop in and ask questions regarding anything.

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Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews
CatharticFire CatharticFire
The Good Stuff
I've been here only about a week or so, but in that time I've greatly grown to appreciate the community and staff. They truly encourage that you really do make both the character and their story your own, and offer a variety of reasons and methods of integrating your character into a slower paced major narrative. I could not ask for better collaborative storytelling.
Nex Nex
Great Server for Naruto fans!
Honestly, i've been in this server for around three months and I must say it is by far the best one i've been in. The RP is more story and writing based rather than stat based, so long hours of writing just to get a few stat points aren't needed. The staff is really nice and helpful, and an overall pleasure to talk to. I would totally recommend this place for anyone looking to get some chill, relaxed RP, or just talk and meet some new people and chat about Naruto.
Firewolfwolfwolf Firewolfwolfwolf
It's okay.
The server itself is overall well organized to fit the naruto world, the channels fits the villages, nations, and even some regions outside of it. The staff there are all rather polite, but the only issue I have seen is a lack of 'fast' paced progression during some of the missions or in the roleplay in general. Besides that, the place is pretty good.
Julian Costantini Julian Costantini
Great server!
My time here has been excellent and much cherished, roleplay runs smoothly and efficiently and staff is always on point. I couldn’t recommend any Naruto RP better than this!