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Anti fur
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Anti fur

Do you like friendly members and staff? Memes? Roleplay? What about a slight bit of naughty stuff? Perfect! This is the server for you!
Flickrtail Bumped 83 days ago

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Koolaid Fox Koolaid Fox
Don’t join this server
I was a staff member on this server form about a year and a half now and I’ve seen the owner act childish and do things an owner shouldn’t do. Multiple staff have left because of Flicks actions and choices in some areas. Flick is the only owner I know that asked for there server if they should start raiding anti-fur servers for fun.
One of the rules they have that they don’t follow at all would be
#17 Under no circumstances are any members to bring drama from outside places (DMs, alternate social media, or another Server) into this server.
I think this server should be thrown in the trash, considering the reviews and the owners actions.
StoopVital StoopVital
Bad furry server
This server is really really bad and I would not recommend it to anyone who enjoys being in servers.
Totally Searchy Totally Searchy
Very rude owner
He banned me for asking him why he did a certain act. Very toxic server I would say.
Bearded foe Bearded foe
Do not join this repulsive server
Flickrtail the owner is very disrespectful to his members and I would not advise you to join this dumpster. The community is dead and very rude.

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