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The Furr Lounge
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The Furr Lounge

Do you like friendly members and staff? Memes? Roleplay? What about a slight bit of naughty stuff? Perfect! This is the server for you!
Blackwolf07 (Wolfy) Bumped 1 days ago

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YellowRanger YellowRanger
Bad furry server
This server is really really bad and I would not recommend it to anyone who enjoys being in servers.
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Totally Search Totally Search
Very rude owner
He banned me for asking him why he did a certain act. Very toxic server I would say.
Bearded foe Bearded foe
Do not join this repulsive server
Flickrtail the owner is very disrespectful to his members and I would not advise you to join this dumpster. The community is dead and very rude.
1 1
Diesel Darkraven Diesel Darkraven
Best place yet!
Really cool people here! 100% must join now!