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Fortnite Storm Shield Defence Help
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Fortnite Storm Shield Defence Help

✨This is a chill Save the World server with a bunch of friendly players of all power levels!
* SSD Help
* Mission Help
* Hero Loadout Tips & Discussion
* Weapon & Trap Perk Tips & Discussion
* Helpful Members
* Giveaways
* Save The World Guides
* Mission Rotations
* Trading
We’d love to have you, feel free to join any time! ✨
Pumpkin Bumped 7 hours ago

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Wargods17282 Wargods17282
Great Server!
This server is always ready to lend a hand with anything STW with LFG channels to find people to play with! We also have great admins/mods and kind people to just have a chat to if you just wanna talk to people.
203 days ago
1 3
Pumpkin Pumpkin
amazing & friendly server
Good server with nice and friendly people and staff, to help you with everything in fortnite stw, mainly ssds. Also chat here a lot and it is just as fun chatting to people as it is playing the game.
205 days ago
Asian135 Asian135
Clan Name: AFK
Founder: [AFK] Feartheclans
Date Founded: 20/07/19
Currently: 20 elite members & growing

We've also infiltrated the discord staffs. We will overthrow the server from within & soon :tm: , it will be ours!!! AFK weSTRONG!!!

Update (05/11/19):
A word from our veteran member, Paul: It is on this day that we say farewell to our dear friend, colleague, and leader, FearTheClans. For it is he who has guided us all to where we are today, and it is in his memory that we will all be inspired for years to come. With his departure comes new beginnings for us all, and while he may no longer be with us in person, he will always be with us in our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls. #AFKWeStrong :AFKWeStrong:
(We were blessed with AFKWeStrong emote on this farewell day)
205 days ago
1 2
Bryan Bryan
Epic server
Very epic server
The server:
-has epic emotes
-has epic nitro boost perks
-has epic people
-is epic
205 days ago