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💖 Hopeful Romantics


We are a growing "lovey-dovey" community server based on the idea, art and culture of love, romance, relationships, and similar themes.
We provide a way to share your ideas about love and romance with like-minded people. We have professional/friendly staff and are growing extremely fast!

Here are some of the things we offer!
✦ Love Quotes
✦ Relationship Advice
✦ Dating Ideas
✦ 1:1 Female to Male ratio
✦ Movie and Gaming Events
✦ Monthly Giveaways
✦ Couple's Corner / Marriage Bot
✦ Question of the Day
✦ LGBTQ+ Friendly
✦ 18+ Channel

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Ratings & Reviews

15 reviews
qwesa1 qwesa1
Wholesome place
Literally the most wholesome server I have EVER joined. If you need advice and kind people this is the place to be.
Dusland Dusland
Very Friendly Server
The mods and owner of the server, always try to include people in activities and try their darn best to make sure they enjoy it. They are also quick to act and always try to implement something new for the betterment of the server.
[Mx.] Hannibal 🌟🍰🎈🎉🎁 [Mx.] Hannibal 🌟🍰🎈🎉🎁
I honestly LOVE this server (even though I sadly don’t have enough time to be as active in it as I wish I could be).

The mods are lovely folks; the members are likewise lovely and it’s great that problems & unpleasant shenanigans are closely watched for and well handled (not that I’ve actually seen anything myself, the policies/rules are just great and everything is wonderful thanks to that!); the frequent server announcements keep us in the loop very well and that’s something I especially appreciate; and all of the events are EXTREMELY FUN!!!
I also wanna state that it’s a very comfortable, very safe space. I always feel accepted and respected, treated 100% equal to everyone else in the server. I’ve felt warmly welcomed from the very start, and this is the most important part for me, as a queer individual that too many servers refuse to accept or respect (especially romance-focused servers).

There’s a ton of other great features and cool happenings in HR, and I just couldn’t possibly gush over them all without reaching an essay-length review. 🙊

TL;DR Hopeful Romantics is a fabulous server and I’m SO glad that I joined!!! 😊🥰 10/10, very highly recommend
Blush Faerie Blush Faerie
Review Of Hopeful Romantics
It’s a wonderful, relaxing and welcoming place for people to be open about their worries and receive endless support, love and advice. It’s a great community which makes each individual feel safe and accepted. A place to find solace in and make lifelong friends.

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