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Trans Cult

Note: This server isn't specifically for trans people, all are welcome. Also trans and lgbt related topics aren't the only thing thats discussed, the server has changed a fair amount since its creation, but we keep the name because its kind of close to our hearts lmao. Anyways heres the general info:
A friendly, laid-back, non-serious server full of memes, cool people, fun bot stuff, and also some useful channels where you can vent to very helpful people, show off your art and other various creations, discuss any topic you like, and many more all without the worry of strict moderation. We are strict enough to keep the server free of toxicity, but laid back enough to let people have an enjoyable experience. Once joined, feel free to talk to us, we are fairly active, but not active to the point where the server is chaotic, it's the perfect amount of activity.
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orangecarex orangecarex
5 stars
this server made me cut my pp off
617 days ago
gigi gigi
lmao ruined my life now i spend all my time on here. please send help i can't get off tttttttttt
617 days ago