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Actually Trans

Welcome to Actually Trans! We are a Trans-specific group specifically focused on alternative viewpoints not normally accepted in the typical dogmatic left-wing LGBT community servers.
Hopefully you will stay with us and meet some wonderful new friends!
We specialise in free speech for everybody, so it's probably best that you're not easily offended or upset, but we welcome all kinds of people.

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4 reviews
Vic Vic
Thought provoking
It's a wonderfully free place where you can hear about lots of different viewpoints. It as opened my eyes to different perspectives and experiences people have had. Some really great characters
webap3 webap3
epic server
filled with epic, funny and autistic people but don t join if easely offended
they said trans women are real women
and the admins are chill as fuck

10/10 would join again
5 2
Übermensch Übermensch
It stands out amongst the rest.
The server is very free in the expression of opinion, although this might lead to it not being a 'safe space' it does lead to you being able to hear other people's opinion. This is for sure not the place to go if you want a bunch of people who only agree with what you say, but it is a great place to view differing opinions about the topic which is something I haven't yet seen in other trans focused servers.
3 5
spooky spooky
filled with transphobic people, dont join if u dont want to be invalidated
they said trans women arent real women
and the admins dont care enough to ban ppl or to enforce rules