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Hentai Sanctuary

【 Hentai Heaven 】 18 + NSFW [ 2k+ Members ] -> Active NSFW Server with heavy focus on the appreciation of hentai art. Why go 3D when 2D is obviously much better and perfect ? 😎. Looking for Expert Hentai Connoisseurs 🌟
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Envy Envy
Amazing staff
I personally think the staff team does a great job at running this server. They are nice and always on top of things. It’s a shame the server doesn’t have much activity anymore due to an internal raid... I wish to see it come back so please help this wonderful server rise in popularity once again!
DirtySnow DirtySnow
sensitive staff
Staff gets upset over small things, don't go here, this place is heroine on a different level, if you do end up in that server, avoid Lisa, and avoid Greed, the two staff members. So in other words, KEEP SCROLLING. have a nice day. :)
Admin response
Thank you for your review. We no longer have those staff members, our staff team got changed, we sadly got nuked from a formal admin but now we are comming back strong with a few changes and some new rules, otherwise everything is the same.
So feel free to join us and make sure to enjoy the hentai and share some with us.

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