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Sassy Squad
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Sassy Squad

・。゚୨୧ A soft, cute, friendly server ・。゚୨୧

heyoo, come join us, we would love to see uwu! xo

❥︱friendly staff, mods and cuties
❥︱soft cute emotes
❥︱self / colour roles which u can apply
❥︱cute aesthetic theme
❥︱movie nights
❥︱stream nights
❥︱a place to be happy, relax n feel safe
SassyKitten ♡ Bumped 93 days ago

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TylerCFree™ 🌚 TylerCFree™ 🌚
Best Server.
This server has the bestest, cutest and sweetest owner I have ever met! The events hosted are fun and everyone can be a part of it. Server also has a lot of friendly members and well moderated. Join today!