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"Come with me, and we'll be in a world of pure imagination" - Gene Wilder"

CONCORD is a RP server set in a world where a certain VR Metaverse which is also called CONCORD dominates the gaming market during and after it's recovery from a post-WW3 apocalyptic era. CONCORD is a game allows their players to do almost anything. They can dress up as avatars, either original or taken straight from a popular franchise, TV Show or Movie. They can participate in a massively multiplayer territorial based game-play where competing factions battle for territory and wealth, participate in quests and talk to each other in social rooms or play in custom-made game rooms and that's just the tip of the ice-burg. Excluding the setting of the game and how it works, there are almost no limits on what you can and cannot do.

CONCORD is unique because it encourages you to create whatever you please. You can base your character off the Halo Series, make your own Web-slinger, make a superhero, a giant Panda with magical powers, a Mage and a heck ton of stuff other stuff.
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