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Camp Half Blood : New Generations
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Camp Half Blood : New Generations

This Rp takes place in a time after Percy Jackson and The Olympians, but this where it diverges. The deities of old have come forth, bringing their own children into the light. Every day there are more Deity Children and Minor God Children revealed, with new cabins added all the time. Camp is prosperous, yet at the same time, there seems to be something lurking.. How will you fare in the world of CHB : New Generations?
MoonScorpion Bumped 196 days ago

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Noino Noino
Great Server
The staff are super nice, and the rules make it a fun and safe space for everyone. This is my first rp server, and the people are super accepting of new people. Every once in a while someone comes on and doesn’t like that the rules apply to them, but they quickly leave because everyone supports the owner and staff. This server wouldn’t be nearly as amazing if it weren’t for the people in it being super kind and patient towards newcomers. A very fair and fun place to rp. 10/10 would play again.
4 2
MoonScorpion MoonScorpion
A Truly Amazing RP and Staff
I know a few others have commented badly about this server but take it from me that this server is filled with nice people who will quickly take the chance to help you and make sure you enjoy your time RPing.
The RP itself is very well organized but is also lots of fun, this server is also great for new beginner RPs as well as old RPers like myself.
5 2
ChildOfPoseideon ChildOfPoseideon
Coordinated and Fun
Amazing Percy Jackson server! An Amazing staff team who was really really helpful, and the community is amazing. They all know what they're doing and everything runs so smoothly and organized. Would definitely recommend to anyone I know.
1 6
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Are all of the servers like this?
Nothing but rudeness. It's really only the owner. Everyone else seems alright. Update: Most staff are rude, and obnoxious. If you're rude, expect rudeness back. This server seems fine at first, but its just a fucking mess.