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Of Mortals and Gods
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Of Mortals and Gods

Of mortals and Gods is a modern day fantasy rp server
Before there was gods, now none remain. No one knows what happened to the gods but what we do know is that the city is attacked almost daily by corrupted Mythical creatures. Perhaps you are a chosen one, handed a small amount of power by the gods to help defend the city and find out the source of the corruption? Perhaps you are mortal, just trying to help as best they can against impossible odds? Or maybe you're a mythical creature, trying its best to not only help protect the city you once built in harmony but also to help your corrupted brothers and sisters?
The choice is yours what you believe. But Gloria needs your help, that is certain
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DucksAhoy DucksAhoy
An ok server
It’s a bit of a mess and it takes days to finish one conversation. It takes forever to find a conversation to join or plan.