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Black Magic Fuckery
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Black Magic Fuckery

Hello everyone! 🔔
Let out your inner demons in our channels and finally speak out all the unsaid things that keep you awake at night. Illuminate your inner self.
Make friends in a well managed community,
Everyone is welcome!

🔮Interested? Here is what we have to offer!

😉 1.200 New Possible Friends 😉

🔥Channel for art and personal stuff
🔥Cute emotes & Animation emotes for nitro users
🔥Active & Hardworking staff
🔥Over 120+ self assignable roles
🔥Giveaways & Events (Win money, games etc every sunday)
🔥A clean organized environment
🔥Active chat & Voice channels
🔥Full of welcoming and friendly users
🔥Leveling system
🔥Channel for advertisments (Insta, Snap, etc.)

🎐 We're in need of some partner managers. (Best partner manager gets money every sunday)
🎐 Staff applications are now open !
🎐 Accepting partnerships with servers from 50 members.

💖We hope to see you around!
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