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Weebus Weebus
I would give zero but...
The most previous "review" is basically just pointing our errors and so called "flaws" in other peoples reviews its not a review, basically saying they are false and most of them have left or been banned which isn't true in the slightest bit. You wanna know the best part about the more previous review? It's by a staff should definitely say that in your review if you are going to discuss everything otherwise it seems you are defending the look of the server on the outside due to them not being 4-5 star reviews like the previous 15.

The server from the previous reviews is still a hot mess of inactive channels, disorganized and not used or even channels that overlap with each other meaning they are both used for the same thing.

"Currently Changing" Finally after 5 months you took some action? Nothing has changed either apart for some role names and removed roles that's really it.

About minors, you missed the point entirely of the other persons review, its not that they should be reported they should but its also staffs job to keep them out, I will agree its heavily infested to the point where you can identify them, people are scared of each others ages, you even have a open nude section of the server for minors just to walk in and see.

Cannot confirm the homophobic part, however I have seen some really mean and rude things around the server.

Do not say your server is active either, "active" is not the same 10 people talking "active" is getting new people to join and make them have conversations in general and have channels used, 10 people doesn't equal active, nor does a single message in random channels.

Again there's no age verification so staff could be fuck all for whoever knows, explains the minor problem as well.

Your server is no where near 5 stars. 5 is perfection, if anything your review should be 4 because you even mentioned some problems stop trying to make your server look good and instead fix the current problems and issues doesn't take 5 months to do so.

Yes, I have been in the server for around 5 months I don't engage in general for these reasons.
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Hifu Hifu
I would give four but...
A lot of these newer review are unjustified. The server has new ownership and I've been here two months. None of these reviewers have taken a step in chat and have talked. And some of these people have just been kicked for braking the rules on their own fruition.

I highly recommend giving the server a full try before writing a review. Get to know the members. From my experience I've met some great friends and their quite playful but cool people..

Management needs work but their looking for people who would actually be helpful it's alot of roles and the school is very well done so far for new management.

Problems with some reviews...
One: Minors are asked inside of the rules to be reported and are kicked from the server immediately.

Two: It's nothing at all offencive about the server. We have four roles related to gender. Male, Female, Futa, and trap. Sure it doesn't have much variety but the server is based around Hentai and anime, with a Japanese school theme no one is homophobic. I'll even say we love transexuals and everyone else here. The people are kind see for yourself!

Three: There is a setting here, it's being worked on the server is fairly active. There are moments that everyone is off because most of the server is est. Time but other than that it's never a day! A hour! Without activity and I'm being honestly from what I see even at times the chat is so fast it's hard to keep up.

So my final statement don't let these newer reviewer fool you because I personally love this server and I haven't seen much lazyness from the staff. You could ask for age no one was ever against that. And there is no one transphobic from my time here.

But all I ask is for you to form your own opinion. Thanks for reading..
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Hyper Hyper
So many minors
I'm not gonna talk about the mess of channels or anything but 2 things, one thing why are there SO MANY MINORS AND UNDERAGES? Seriously, I've never seen such a minor infested server in all the servers I've been in and seen...and for some odd reason there's 3 co-owners? why do you need 3 co-owners?

I'd recommended looking at some of the other reviews to get a more in depth look of why you shouldn't join, don't let the "Currently changing..." fool you, it's changing nothing, everyone on the team is lazy most the server is even sus of each others ages :/
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Young Mix Young Mix
Not good
The server may have alot of people but most of them are offline or not on if you join you would notice the same amount of members on everyday the members of the server are also assholes I'n my opinion....but if you put in the time you may be able to enjoy the experience