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Current scenario : Game of Thrones 298 AC
What would happen if Eddard Stark wasn't executed? If Robert Baratheon knew the truth? Find out today!

A strategy Game of Thrones themed interactive game.
Dive into a plot in Westeros, where you play the game of thrones to either win or die.
Let the dice decide your fate as the ruler of your house, a lord, a lady and anything imaginable to unravel before your eyes.

A homebrew mix of dnd (we use dice to roll for events), ck2 (army formations and families) and rpg. Controling the house of your choice, you build armies, create alliances, do personal events, hunt for creatues, duel, scheme and plan to win the Game of Thrones as a King or Queen, or partake in the winning side of a war.

-Multiplayer, social, active game
-Event system
-Battle and combat system
-Character decision making free roam
-Rpg bot

Perfect combination for those who wanna see the world burn.
Pls don't kill the gm, she tries her fucking best to please 'em all.
stärky Bumped 5 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews
Truth Truth
Interesting Title
Nice tbh
Cool and good battle/duel system, active gm and admins, nice event system (not to mention how quickly the gm does the events), (mostly) nice players and a good economy system. 10/10 would play again.
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Varalle Varalle
Very epic
I like this server
I've been in it for a bit more than a year now, and a lot has been improved on in terms of gameplay, mods, playerbase etc
There are a lot of different people here, everyone is retarded, some more than others, and that includes me
We have a lot of fun in this server and the VC can be a good time
Although I would be really happy if the dice started to roll in my favour
Pretty much the best got/asoiaf server I've been to
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Leo-is-a-bell Leo-is-a-bell
Game. Es good
This is good. I don’t think I need anything else. But it has to be 80 characters so here goes
Killing northmen
Civil war time bb
3 1
sri sri
Active af
Getting bored? just join this server, you can argue with people for silly reasons you might even get banned for silly reasons . Wanna do some crazy shit? then you are looking at the right place , you can slit throats,backstab,butcher someones family and loot someone else's home etc etc . People from different timezones makes the the Server ACTIVE AS FUCK . overall i give 10/10