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♡KOTAB♡ - Kingdom of the Anime Boys
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♡KOTAB♡ - Kingdom of the Anime Boys

Welcome to KOTAB; Kingdom of the Anime Boys!

We're a new, small server that loves Anime boys, BL/Yaoi and making friends in our small but friendly community. We are back to opening our invites for the first time in a long while.
Make sure to read the rules if you join!

What KOTAB has to offer:

[♡] A variety of SFW channels dedicated to anime boys!
[♡] NSFW Category with multiple channels, dedicated to anime boys and BL.
[♡] No anime girls! Just anime guys.
[♡] Media and art channels to show off your creative works, or your favorite creative works of others!
[♡] Lots of bots, with more to come! We will also be adding emotes for non-nitro users.
[♡] Self-assignable pastel color roles, and level-up EXP roles!
[♡] Public and private voice channels to make friends in.

Please be sure to pay us a visit sometime! We’d love to see you here.
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