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♡KOTAB♡ - Kingdom of the Anime Boys
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♡KOTAB♡ - Kingdom of the Anime Boys

Welcome to KOTAB; Kingdom of the Anime Boys!

We're a new, small community that loves Anime boys, BL, Yaoi and Roleplay.
If you aren't interested in Roleplay, you can simply stay and chat (and enjoy the nsfw). Make sure to read the rules if you join!

What KOTAB has to offer:

[♡] An RP Category, filled with different Roleplays! We take community suggestions for Roleplays, too. New Roleplays are added when old ones die.
[♡] NSFW Category with multiple channels, all dedicated to anime boys and BL.
[♡] No anime girls! Just anime guys and a wave of fujoshis/fudanshis.
[♡] Media and art channels to show off your creative works, or your favourite creative works of others!
[♡] Lots of bots, with more to come! We will also be adding emotes for non-nitro users.
[♡] Self-assignable pastel colour roles, and level-up EXP roles!
[♡] Public and private voice channels to make friends in.

Please be sure to pay us a visit sometime! We’d love to see you here.
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