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The Venting Forest
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The Venting Forest

The Venting Forest is a peaceful and friendly server where anyone can join to talk about their problems, make friends, or just chat and enjoy themselves. Our Forest Keepers are always ready to help our members, and our staff are super easy to talk to, and don't forget the gnomes - the gnomes are cool.
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soph soph
Apparently I need a title for a review
The Venting Forest has been a very accepting place. I feel safe here and I can ask others for help when I need it. This server has one of the friendliest communities and is 100% original. In a way, this feels like a family. One of the best discord servers I have ever joined. This is an experience you’d never forget. Staff is helpful and very friendly.
dark dark
good, i guess?
furypet furypet
The venting forest
Its a really good place to talk about your feelings or just talk
But some of the adminsdont do a good job either there never on or just ignore people the main owner doesn't feel like there on that much especially if there is someing going on in genarel i I feel like other people and I that aren't admins usually help the people most when they need it the people are always open to a dm don't rely on the admins to help just dm someone who cares there is two admins I know who will actually help and that's berry and eli
💫SuperNova💫 💫SuperNova💫
My favorite server
As you can see by the title, this is my all time favorite server. I love the open and friendly community, how there’s so many people willing to help, I also love helping. I’ve made so many friends! There’s just one thing, I wish that the channels were organized better 😅. I really do love the channel, thank you!