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Asha's World of ERP

A close community filled with ERP of any kind you could want...any races, any kinks...come along to the Mistress Palace for some dominatrix demon fun, or relax in the Tentacle room! It's all up to you! We have accommodation channels for taking lovers home, or feel free to do it out in the open! I promise we won't look~
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Jasmine~chan Jasmine~chan
Community needs to chill, holy god damn
The owner and the rest of her staff take things *way* too seriously, almost to a toxic point. The other reviews left here I can find to be true.
Suggestion: I don't know if it's a power trip that's been going on since the creation of the server or what, but the behavior is off putting and has no reason to exist on a formal level. Remaking and reposting a server can't help you when your name is heavily defamed, and whatever issues you have, they need to be fixed. A few things to add:
- At the minimum fake your opinions of people, even if you find their behavior to be toxic, especially if they are new
- You may be an owner, but you are above no one. An owner is a servant of the people, not the other way around.
- Power trips ruin servers, and I'm quite surprised that the server has not had more issues with the reviews that were posted. Bad light means more problems, and more problems can consist of, but is not limited to, raiding.
Animefan99 Animefan99
The owner is really something
To avoid bad rating the owner does this wow how low can a person get. The owner is a incel irl he deserves to be "depressed".
Search Search
The owner of this my god
The owner is really immature and so depressed he doesn't allow reasoning and is very dramatic. The community is even worst I would not recommend this freaking server.
PandaBall PandaBall
This server is really bad
Asha the owner is really disrespectful to it's people and the community is the worst if i've seen besides in certain servers. Please do not join this if you have a heart and a brain.