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His Princess His Princess
You gotta be kidding. Honestly.
Now let's see here... Starting out, the owner has 2 members come into MY Erp server. Saying that my co owner did something. Honestly if you're gonna bring it to my server just piss off. I have another person coming in "Oh you stole this from another server" Honestly. I don't even know who the hell is Asha lmaoo. Whoever he is he got some of his members/minions coming in my server.
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■ Kim Yoosung ■ ■ Kim Yoosung ■
Critical Amalysis
As much as I want to tell the honestly without being rude, its impossible. The server has too much irellvant channels for owner's personal use that everyone can see. Along with the rules being seperated. As for the community side, majority are lurkers having 500 users in 3 months in normal. How ever it is suprising that only 15 or less user interact with it, and they tend to use dms more than the server, I do not know why I havent asked. Seeing the other side aswell most seem to agree that the owner can do what he wants to the server with the term "It's his server" having the server near the us. But has Eu age legal it is suprising it is survived under the tos. I will say that this server is too risky and can get account's banned permanently with the ip if discord decided to go clean up with tos checker
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An Average Weeb An Average Weeb
An Honest Review From A Use To Be Second In Command
Alright so I've been in this server for a good amount of time about almost a year I was even banned at one point and accused of a false action until I proved my innocence which it should be "innocent until proven guilty" but I didn't get that kind of treatment. This review is an honest one not a personal vendetta against the owner or anyone and just a little backstory of the entire server I will provide all evidence on what I can. I will also update this if I get banned for posting a review or maybe the server will change around I'll stay to find out I guess.

The first thing I have majorly wrong is how the owner acts, he is incredibly bias, often very rude with members, lie a lot to people, and is a major attention whore, there's nothing wrong with wanting a little attention but when you go to the degree of showing you have autism to everyone, complain constantly about people hurting you left and right to the point where you ping everyone saying you are going to leave but then don't and then run the server by yourself seems very attention whoreish to me and to me if you are dealing with things like this and they effect your work style you should not be owning a server then get mad when people leave these 1 star reviews.

Second thing wrong with the server is the mod team. The mod team aren't given much choice and say into any matter really even then most of them sit on their asses and do nothing but a few short approvals. 90% of the mutes, warns, and bans are handed out by the owner himself but he needs mods? Even when I offered? Also, if you aren't friends with the owner you won't get mod even if the entire server likes you but him there's no point in applying for mod because he'll just deny it anyway. And thing is there are some people that should be hired but aren't going to be because the owner just doesn't know them. There's also a partnership manager who applied for mod because he doesn't even do partnerships because the owner does it all himself, so you'd think he'd get mod and or handle partnerships since he's already trusted? haha no of course not.

Third thing wrong with the server are the warns, bans, mutes, etc. Most of the time they are given harshly and strictly without a chance to explain or anything. So apparently if they are in your server and just say mean things to you in dm's (not a server issue) you'll just be handed a week long mute and 2 warnings? who even mutes someone for a week long?

Fourth thing wrong with the server is the oc creation area. At first it looks pretty nice and straight forward, you'll soon regret that once you make your oc and the mods or owner says you need another 50 lines to your personality or/and backstory. The server is for all types of writers so I don't know why I need to have about 3 pages of an oc no one is even going to read no one even reads them so I don't really understand the point.

The community like 1% of the time welcomes you and if you are new to the server everyone ignores you feels like a very toxic and assholeish community. The server could be fixed very easily with mod replacements, learning to calm down at times, don't be overly strict and hearing people out, having people be nicer.

The owner at one point wanted to take this off of disboard to get rid of the negative reviews which are actually true but he didn't want people knowing that, thanks for the guy who screenshot this for me.

Final thing is the owner will say "raiders blew it up with 1 star reviews" they really didn't it's a bit too many to be raiders and I don't normally see raiders write a page long about what's wrong with the server.

So honestly server kinda sucks it'd be nice if the owner had a change in heart and maybe re elected new mods and the people who care about the server. It's not active really it's just the same 10 people in chat everyday no one new because everyone ignores the newcomers for no reason. Even after all this I was still down to help but it's been pushed aside as well as a ton of others I'm not sure of what he wants to do at this point but complaining about the past and holding grudges doesn't fix the current problems.

----Edit 1/16/19-----
Another negative about this server is the owner thinks there's nothing wrong with the current staff team, however they have been told so many times somethings wrong and never have listened or considered the idea some of the regulars just suck the owner and mod's dick off which is kinda sad. You can see there's a huge problem also by the reviews calling the mod team out.

Another thing is sensitive topics are not allowed in general chat because it has gotten people warned before, especially the mentioning of suicide or death but the owner can do it and so can his friends but anyone else gets a warning and ban.

----Edit 1/25/19----
So the owner doesn't like me owning a server and said I'm not able to become a mod and he said for me never to talk to him again because I didn't tell him I had a server. What happened was I told him I deleted my old server which I did, I just didn't say I made a new one so he said I "lied" to him which I didn't, I didn't even think he cared about me having a server of my owe which is why I never brought it up just goes to show you more toxicness and personal issues that are brought into the server.

And also by the time of writing this re-review 5 mods have left due to the owners toxicness I personally asked them when they left as well, sadly I closed their dms so I do not have evidence so you can choose to believe this or not. The server is on a ticket to the graveyard, like I said the biggest problem is the owner with his crazed amount of lies, rude remarks, jumping to conclusions, basically just being an over all piece of trash hopefully this is the last time I have to update this, I kindly ask you not to join this server and give him the satisfaction of more members since that's all he cares about.

----Edit 1/29/19----
Server is still falling however the bad stuff just keeps coming, so to boost the server's negative reviews because he thinks they are fake he @everyone not once but twice to post honest disboard reviews, did he even read them because some are extremely long and descriptive but they are just trolls right? And not to mention you can get a warn/mute for saying "Dead chat" what kinda stupid rule is that? You can even tell some people in the server are sideways about that it isn't the trolls preventing this server from growing its the amount of toxicness from the team and owner stop being in denial Asha just fucking fix your server and stop acting like the world is against you.

----Edit 2/8/19----
I was just banned today for no reason he said they were doing a purge with anyone with the "Not Approved" role however I didn't have that so he probably just banned me out of this review it wasn't a kick it was a BAN, nice going Asha hope your server completely rots in hell
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Post150 PE Post150 PE
Amazingly Friendly Sever
The other reviews were made by trollers, this server is welcoming and friendly towards ANYONE! If you don’t believe me it’s best if you check it out yourself ❤️