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❤️ We now host several modpacks!
💖 (This is a Real minecraft server not a discord bot server :P)
❤️ Fun Friendly staff
💖 Custom Minecraft server with over 9 Game Modes!
❤️ Custom content such as bots and plugins
💖 Constantly expanding to meet new standards
❤️ Players opinion taken seriously
💖 Community decides what we do next
❤️ Custom roles & Channels
💖 Forum integration for role syncing
❤️ In game to forum integration for cross network rank syncing
💖 Full website and staff/Builder applications -Open-
❤️ Discord staff applications -Open-
💖 1.7.2-1.15.* support
❤️ -Server IP: <>-
💖 -Website: <>
❤️ -Discord: <>
💖 -In Game Store to purchase ranks and other custom perks!
❤️ -Time earned ranks earned by playing!
💖 -Prefix and suffix menu, Change them as much as your hearts desire!
❤️ -Open to suggestions!
💖 -Full working economy and God items!
❤️ -Non Pay to win under ANY circumstances!
💖 -Custom events to win store perks!
❤️ -1499 player slots
💖 -BungeeCord ran (latest version)
❤️ -LagFree
💖 -20TPS
❤️ -High spec dedicated server box to stay at 20TPS [64GB RAM Core i7 7700k]
***Server Game Modes***
➡️ - Hub [1.7.2-1.15.*]
➡️ - OpSkyblock [1.7.2-1.15.*]
➡️ - Skyfactory 4 [4.0.8] [1.12.2]
➡️ - StoneBlock 2 [1.16.1] [1.12.2]
➡️ - Pixelmon Reforged [7.0.8] [1.12.2]
➡️ - MegaCreative [1.7.2-1.15.*]
➡️ - TownyRoleplay [1.7.2-1.15.*]
➡️ - HardCoreSMP [1.15.*]
➡️ - Minigames such as build battle (And a valentines built game custom) [More coming soon!]
➡️ - Bedwars (Coming soon)
➡️ - Join the server! [1.7.2-1.15.*]

-Again welcome to the community of FarNetworks❣️-
-FarNetworks Administration team-
-FarNetworks Co Founders FiendV & SilentRoses-
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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews
Gemy Gemy
20/10 amazing server with even greater staff!
Lovely spawns
gorgeous world generation on Beesmp
laid back community
friendly and respectful staff
accepting of community input
owners are very connected with the community
Loz Loz
Server Review
laid back server, only has rules thats needed (like no bullying etc), very friendly community.
Scp-173 Scp-173
Really Great server! 10/10 Would play again!
This server has really friendly staff team and is a great place to have fun and spend some time with your friends so why not join? if you do you will prob have a great time and be having fun! remember You are important for the server! ps sorry for my bad english :3
aNem0 aNem0
Amazing community!
Been around these people for a long time. It’s always nice to check the server to see the community that Farnetworks has created! Plus they want feedback!