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Due to porn bot spam, DM Zucce05#7656 for a server invite.
Diverse selections of siloed topics:
Eve Online
Pokecord, Pokemon(Let's)GO
Other gaming
Tech news and programming
Anime, Movies, TV
Music (regular music parties, thanks Bender!)
*Moderated* serious topics (politics, religion, etc.)
Podcasts (Conversations about them)
Memes/Cute animals/Cursed images

Only join the discussions you care about, you don't have to worry about the rest!
Zucce05 Bumped 3 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

1 review
Kyma Kyma
Active and fun.
The server is set up a little differently. There are a ton of various topics, but they're all opt in. It seems odd at first, but after being there a bit it started to feel pretty good. People could talk about politics, games, programming and even Pokecord without bugging everyone else who didn't want to see those things.

You can pick a from like 15 colors for your name, and join and leave topics at will. This makes it fun to find conversation for whatever the mood is!

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