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A serious role-playing server about the city of Harrisburg and it's "other" inhabitants.

Role-play as a werewolf, vampire, or even a hunter trying to fight back for their city!

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Birb Birb
They are just edgy babies.
Blood and Beats becomes BaB, Babies start with bab, they are edgy babies, also blood is just a very edgy word, replace the a with a o and you get BoB, I don't like the word BoB at all, Bob? That's fine, BoB? Nope, that is not fine at all.
brook brook
A long review, but I think it's worth it.
Buckle in, squiddos, because this is gonna be a long ass review. I like to be thorough when I do reviews, so we're just gonna address everything I am in the jurisdiction to judge. Please note I am NOT doing this review for the XP in the server.

So, I've been a RPer for years. I've had my ups-and-downs in communities, and it should be emphasized that I'm not without flaws. However, I've grown old enough and mature enough in these communities to kinda get a reading on how a server functions. That being said, I've only recently stepped out of my community into bigger RP servers, and I've been pleasantly surprised by some. (ex. Model Hogwarts, a great and well run RP.) Blood and Beasts, however...Has some issues that I want to get into. I won't be touching on the actual ongoing plot of the RP, or any of the 'timeskips' as I never really got into the RP itself, and it would be wrong for me to judge it. From a few glances over, the RP itself seems well enough. There's definitely a different 'tiers' of RP, and some people are better than others. However, I'll be addressing the hunters later on.

What I WILL be touching on is the OOC management towards the players, and how the server is handled. Originally, I asked a few questions about my 'relic,' an item hunters use to channel their powers. I made mine a revolver gun with no issues, and got approved without that being touched upon. However, the next person to post their character was promptly told they could NOT have a gun as a relic, which resulted in some slight back and forth. It's a minor issue, but there seems to be a lack in communication between some staff members on what is and isn't allowed.

After RPing for a bit with someone, I relaxed and didn't do much in the server for about an hour. Two of my friends joined, and it should be noted we like to make a *lot* of jokes with each other. We were careful to keep said jokes non-offensive, and my friend specifically said 'me me big boy.' This is a meme from the Youtuber Jacksfilms, and the people online in the server at the time didn't seem to mind the joke at all, even going as far as to repeat it. She tagged me, and I jokingly said 'Me ME BIG BOY,' back to her. (Gosh, hard to write a serious review when you're having to describe memes in it.) The owner popped up, and said she would mute the next person who said 'me me big boy.' One of the older server members 'dared' me to say it, and I assumed the owner was simply joking about muting me because, who would mute someone over saying a simple phrase? Well, apparently all four of us. We all got promptly muted for it, and I fully acknowledge that the owner DID say stop. However, I'll still argue that simply saying 'me me big boy' does not warrant a two hour mute. The owner herself even acknowledged it wasn't spam, as she originally claimed. After a bit, she directed me towards the head mod, as she had to work, which I completely respect. Discord issues should not stop you from working. HOWEVER, the Head-mod was online and never replied about the issue, and I simply had to wait out the mute. My friends ended up leaving the server before even making characters, as they were put off by such a thing. Before you get all mad at me for saying, 'Well, you should of stopped when the owner said stop!" I know, we all know. However, it was our first time EVER being warned in that server, and we didn't exactly receive a warning from the system. Just a straight up mute. It was off-putting, and I didn't think about RPing there much again.

That was mostly my main qualm with the server, and it's definitely something personal. However, I do think the owners and or mods could learn from this, even if they don't want to. It FEELS like there is no proper system for punishments, and they're just handed out how an admin seems fit. I could be wrong, as I'm not actually going to stay in the server long enough to find out. I have no issues with the actual community from MY view, as they were nice and welcomed me when I joined. The vampires were a closed species the time I was there, so I can't comment much on them. I personally made a hunter, and I liked the idea a lot, but it definitely feels a bit...restricting, from what I've seen and heard. The werewolves are by far the most powerful characters, and I almost didn't want to play as a hunter because I just didn't want my character to die so early on. Maybe I was just looking for a gritty RPer about killing wolves and vamps, and hunters getting their throats torn out, but instead I found myself plopped in the middle of a LOT of romance, which is fine! Romance all you want, it's not my place to judge people on that. However, I definitely thought it was odd a lot of couples were hunters and werewolves/vampires. Felt a bit...YA novel-like. I do think the admins are trying to fix that, though. There's also like...really illogical restrictions on hunters OOCly and ICly. It's just odd that you CAN'T hunt werewolves or vampires, unless they kill an innocent life. The logic behind it is 'Oh well, they have feelings too and they only eat criminals!" But like...still. We just let them...mosey around for the sake of making less IC issues I suppose? I think this is tying back to my whole wanting some gritty, and I just simply don't think this server is gritty.

I think the server has room to improve, and I hope the admins don't completely try to disregard my review. Yes, I understand that my main qualm is something personal, and that I was ALSO wrong in my actions. However, I still think putting in a system of punishments that everyone can see would be a good idea, and benefit everyone in the server instead of just random threats of muting to new members. As someone who has been admin on MULTIPLE RP servers, this was not the proper way to handle issues.

Yours truly,
Me me big Brook.
Siegward, OnionKnight Siegward, OnionKnight
This Is a Great server, but...
The people and service here is amazing, with fun rp and fun people, but the only criticism is that when a newcomer arrives and reads the rules and lore, It wan be a bit vague on what you can or cannot do, but overall the server is great and when you finally get to know what your doing everything is peachy. To Improve I would just recommend an update to the lore, and rules so that everything is in check and up to date, instead of being in a (Time skip) section.
Eva Sparda Eva Sparda
A work in progress
When I first joined, there were issues and complications and confusion. However, with the suggestions I made, and many others, adjustments were made and things began to flow much easier. It is a young server so growing pains are to be expected. There has been a good increase in mods, along with training for each to gain the position which means the moderation is better than most.

As with all the roleplay servers I have been a part of, time zones do cause some issues though most questions are answered in a timely manner if one simply follow the suggests of where to ask the questions and to @ the mods.

The storyline is growing, with all the new input from other players and while it is a closed lore server (Meaning the lore is written and one must craft a character to fit into it), it still has room to be creative. Better than most closed Lore servers I have seen.

The mods are all very approachable and will answer the questions any have. The community as a whole are very helpful as well.

I am greatly looking forward to Season Two when the world goes pear shaped. It is going to be a blast! Hope to see you there!!

I am Sorcha O'Flynn, the Majestic Vampire, come and say Hi! ;)