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Blood and Beasts
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Blood and Beasts

The denizens of London's night have banded together against forces who would see them ruined, will you be one to support what they have built? Or be the one to stand upon a crumbled empire?

Start as one of 3 core races, the adaptable Guardians, the irreproachable Court of the Vampires, and the strong family clan of Werewolves. Or you could be just human, knowledge of this world but with their path undecided.

With Adv Players, you can have up to three characters and access to the advanced races with their own stories and clans.

Who will you follow?

[Closed lore server, be prepared to read the lore before creating a character, with a friendly active community ready and willing to help you get into this world.]

Siegward, OnionKnight Bumped 12 hours ago

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Nanite Classified Nanite Classified
Condescending, Unwelcoming, Hypocritical Mod
Don't waste your time. I tried for 3 days to meet the demands of the mod to write a character that would fit their story and the rules they wrote. Even when I picked from the list they made of the special abilities I was then told I wasn't allowed to use my specials??? The mod said my character couldn't be 18 even though there were a plethora of approved characters who were 18. She then said my character wasn't allowed to use any weapons, or have special abilities outside of the ones they chose. Basically they were attempting to nerf my character to a ridiculous degree. Don't even bother talking to these people.
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and peggy and peggy
Not very great
The server members aren't inclusive, often shaming you for not knowing one tiny bit of lore. If being treated rudely is your forte, be my guest and join this server.
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The MVP. The MVP.
Gay all around.
Just look at the name and take it with interest and seriousness, fam.
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iorn iorn
This is not an advanced role-play room.
If you expect an open world with danger lurking around every corner or activity of any kind then I suggest looking somewhere else. Not only is the approval process a painful chore to get through but the lore you're bound by is generic and heavily favors non-humans in terms of strength. New members will quickly find themselves overpowered by older members not because the older members are more experienced role-players but because the ranking system in place forbids characters with a lower power level from beating characters with a higher one. If you expect to use careful stratagy to win your fights against a physically superior foe you should forget that as most if not all of the weapons you request will be denied after hours or days of waiting for the owner to review them. Because someone thought it was a good idea for the owner to be the only one to approve weapons. While the chat isn't busy giving noobies that what for it's busy banning anyone who complains about how the chat is under the guise of moderation. All and all this is just a poor chat filled with horrible mods, and through the chat goers are nice that doesn't change that fact that 90% of them aren't good role-players.