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Blood and Beasts
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Blood and Beasts

A serious role-playing server about the city of Harrisburg and it's "other" inhabitants.

Role-play as a werewolf, vampire, or even a hunter trying to fight back for their city!
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Κασσάνδρα Κασσάνδρα
Enjoying the rp, great mods
I've been on the server for a few months now, the mods have always been helpful in any questions I've asked and someone is always on. The special events that happen through the year all always fun. And since I've become involved with one of the factions I've found more enjoyment than playing as a zombie, or unfitting character.
Lucifer Morningstar Lucifer Morningstar
Hello Darlings, I'm your personal devil, Lucifer Morningstar
I would have to say my experiences at Blood and Beasts have been quite good. It's very well moderated and quite friendly to newcomers. They also have a help channel to help you make your character. I personally like it, it might not be your cup of tea but that's up to you. @Megan
Jay™ Jay™
My Old Review Got Deleted!
Hello there disboard! So I was looking through my reviews recently and I noticed that my review from this sever had somehow been removed. So I felt it necessary as a member of the roleplaying community to re-review it.

This is a bad server for the following reasons:

-The owner is beyond childish in both maturity and in ownership.

-They force roleplay upon their members, such as timeskips which affect the entire roleplay, even when they are aware no one wanted it.

-They power game like nobody's business. As a prime example, they once said hybrids would never be a thing. Then five minutes later, the owner had a hybrid.

-More than anything, the inactivity of the staff made many players sit around like a carton of milk, waiting to actually be conducted into the roleplay. Many aspects requiring the attention, of many inactive mods.

The server has great potential. However the owner and moderators there are both unwilling and unable to provide the server with what it needs to thrive.

Would not recommend this server.
Birb Birb
They are just edgy babies.
Blood and Beats becomes BaB, Babies start with bab, they are edgy babies, also blood is just a very edgy word, replace the a with a o and you get BoB, I don't like the word BoB at all, Bob? That's fine, BoB? Nope, that is not fine at all.