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Blood and Beasts

Blood and Beasts

The denizens of London's night have banded together against forces who would see them ruined, will you be one to support what they have built? Or be the one to stand upon a crumbled empire?

Start as one of 3 core races, the adaptable Guardians, the irreproachable Court of the Vampires, and the strong family clan of Werewolves. Or you could be just human, knowledge of this world but with their path undecided.

With Adv Players, you can have up to three characters and access to the advanced races with their own stories and clans.

Who will you follow?

[Closed lore server, be prepared to read the lore before creating a character, with a friendly active community ready and willing to help you get into this world.]

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It’s been a long time coming..
Warning: Way too long.

So, this is a bit difficult for me to do. But, I saw this server pop up once again on Disboard, saw the recent negative reviews it was receiving, and decided to give my take on this server. So, a little bit of backstory to give my perspective: Around 2 years ago, I believe.. my memory of that is foggy, I joined this server. I was a fresh faced, newly 17 year old who was ready to make a voyage into yet another server. I had a small rocky start, but I eventually developed my hunter character. This character’s name was Jack and, at first, he was nothing special. But, as time went on, in game story elements occurred, I socialized with people, and I became a well known regular in the server.

Eventually, a whole plot surrounding my character’s defection from the religious hunter clan, which is now a Druid clan called the Guardians, and how he was gifted Excalibur by a seemingly benevolent entity. Soon after this, I became a rather well-liked moderator.. and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

You see, up until that point, I genuinely had fun in the server. I had a couple of people I was friends with who joined my character’s little hunter defect group and everything was fine and dandy. But, once I was in the thick of how moderating worked, I did not like what I saw. One of my friends was consistently being screwed over with his relic, the other was basically put in a position where he would most likely die for plot reasons even though he came up with a well thought out plan to take down the hunter association, and I realized that no one would ever be able to take down some of the higher ranking mods.

Blake and Taggart Higgins, the previous characters the belonged to the owner and head mod respectively, were basically untouchable by any PC except for me because I was a plot device. What made it worse was that they were both on the side of the Werewolves, leading to everyone’s favorite F-word: Favoritism.

When I was there, the plot was a mess. There was 0 conflict after what happened to my character, which I will explain, due to the fact that all the factions were in a truce and you would die for breaking said truce and getting caught. It all basically boiled down to a slice-of-life story with superpowers.. It wasn’t very fun, especially when you combine that with the owners constant changing from being behind over-emotional to being non-present.

Now, what has stuck with me the most was what happened to my character, Jack. From the moment I got that sword, I knew it was cursed. They all played really dumb, but I knew the whole time and just went along. Eventually, I was told that I was right when I was an admin and me having that sword was basically just a lead up to a mini demon event.. an event where my control over my character was stripped from me because he was possessed by the demon sword. My character then was promptly used for a small battle event where he was majorly murdered, without my consent, and I was furious. Their “solution” to this was allowing me to be the first zombie introduced in the roleplay. I was so excited and I had a whole concept drawn up for zombies.. but, the owner decided to just scrap that and turn them into, simply, rotting humans that had to eat flesh. I went from being a character who was standing up for what he believed in, despite being controlled by what he wished to fight the whole time, to a shambling corpse that had no semblance of intrigue or creativity thrown into it.

I then left the server.

There are plenty more things wrong with this place, but I can barely remember them enough to give an accurate telling. I hoped that, after two years, this server would’ve changed. But, it seems like the only change that happened was the names of some races and, based on the most recent reviews, nothing else.

Jack, the Rotting Corpse
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Nanite Classified Nanite Classified
Condescending, Unwelcoming, Hypocritical Mod
Don't waste your time. I tried for 3 days to meet the demands of the mod to write a character that would fit their story and the rules they wrote. Even when I picked from the list they made of the special abilities I was then told I wasn't allowed to use my specials??? The mod said my character couldn't be 18 even though there were a plethora of approved characters who were 18. She then said my character wasn't allowed to use any weapons, or have special abilities outside of the ones they chose. Basically they were attempting to nerf my character to a ridiculous degree. Don't even bother talking to these people.
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ayyyy ayyyy
Not very great
The server members aren't inclusive, often shaming you for not knowing one tiny bit of lore. If being treated rudely is your forte, be my guest and join this server.
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Stay. Stay.
Gay all around.
Just look at the name and take it with interest and seriousness, fam.

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