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The Galactic Hub

☆・☆Welcome to the Galactic Hub! ☆・☆

About us:
We're a fairly new server, laid back but a well monitored server through active and friendly staff. We're a geeky-nerdy 18+ community only, filled with goofs and giggles, but with plenty of space for serious discussions about the mysteries of adulthood! We host weekly movies and series events, as well as other social events such as different types of competitions and giveaways! Our server's topic consists of galactic-themed fandoms, such as Star Wars, Voltron, Halo and more.

☆・☆ On top of that, we also offer: ☆・☆

☆ 18+ members only.
☆ Active, enthusiastic and ambitious staff.
☆ Partnerships.
☆ Leveling system.
☆ Friendly and supportive members.
☆ Roles to unlock hidden channels.
☆ Self-assigned roles.
☆ [Optional] NSFW channels.
☆ Cool emojis for geeky Nitro users.
☆ LGBTQ+ Friendly.
☆ Gaming channels.
☆ Animē channels.
☆ K-related channels.
☆ Twitch & YouTube friendly.
☆ Has specific categories for fandoms, such as Star Wars, Halo, Rick & Morty, Voltron etc.

Looking for:
More active members! We really want to host more fun events within this server, but we need a little boost from your activity! So don't hesitate to join, come and talk with us! We love to meet new people and make new friends!
"Club managers" - we're looking for members who wish to be in charge of a fandom within our server! If you know you're a hardcore Doctor Who fan, Star Wars fan, or some other type of galaxy-themed-series-movie-game fan, and want to host marathons movie-nights, games or competitions... then you're exactly what we're looking for! You'll find more information in our server!

Welcome all to Disney December! We're currently hosting some of the Disney Classics movies as a marathon theme for this month! Otherwise, we also have some December festive channels, including an Advent Calendar with information about Xmas and its traditions around the world!

☆・☆ Hope to see you guys joining our exploration of the galaxy! ☆・☆
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Ratings & Reviews

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Nymbusu Nymbusu
Lovely, lovely, lovely. Space, space, space!
Well, first off, I love the server owner's intensive appreciation for detail. In everything he does, you can feel that he tried his very best and it shows within the server.

The love and protectiveness for server members spans from collaborative bans and information logging. Especially how it's shared between partnered servers is creative and professional!

Last, but not least, they have an outstanding and helpful staff team.

The Galactic Hub in my opinion is a leading innovator for data logging and bringing communities together in the most compassionate way possible.

I recommend this server to anyone who needs a safe, comfy, mature environment.
5 2
Briellestar Briellestar
Chill, fun, and amazing community!
As a long time member, I can absolutely say that this is one of the best servers I've ever been in. Neatly organized and well put together. It features diligent staff and a diverse group of members all of whom are always ready to welcome newcomers with open arms and plenty of conversation topics to keep them engaged! You'll find that it fits the bill of a galaxy themed server with creative names for its roles and channels and a vast array of custom emojis. All in all a fun place to be in with something for everyone; a single review could never cover everything this place has to offer. I couldn't recommend it more~!
5 2
🌌   𝑀𝓸𝓇𝑔𝒶𝓃   🌌 🌌 𝑀𝓸𝓇𝑔𝒶𝓃 🌌
An accepting, organized server.
This server is by far the best I've ever been in. The members are welcoming and there are plenty of well organized channels to choose from, as well as roles so you can hash out what you like or not! They are very open minded and friendly to all, no matter race, sexuality, or preferences in general. Five minutes in this server wouldn't even begin to scratch the surface of this wonderful place and the leveling system and members just make you want to be active! I would recommend this server to anyone. And if you have questions the moderators, as well as the very active owner, are happy to help!
Zero Two Zero Two
Interesting but confusing
My first look was that the server was well thought out the rules are organized and they have a great confirmation system, however some of the channels are easily confused on what they are used for. There is a directory which helps out with that but there are few voice channels and some of the members were giving me shit about the littlest things, I personally didn’t like how the members were treating me. They have weird categories with one channel in them or just no category at all. However despite that there is a lot of roles to give yourself such as age, gender, sexuality and personal interests. I don’t recommend it and think very few would enjoy the server as a whole.

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