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Outer Realm Hangout

Welcome to the Outer Realm Hangout. we are a group of small people who like memes and play games like Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, Overwatch, osu! and more. When joining the server please read the rules.

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3 reviews
BigBlueBoiBryce BigBlueBoiBryce
Good Owner, Bad mods, And Some Bad Admins
As being a member of this server since the first day of it’s making, when the owner kicked everyone on the old server with a another co-owner that allegedly abused his power and ruled with an iron fist. The owner of this server is a good one but his choices of mods and admins is terrible, he has people who join chats and start yelling at you and calling you retarded and autistic and people who just kick people with no reasons. Other people just break constant rules and the admins sit on their butts and do nothing to enforce the important rules. Honestly there is only a few good people on this server say 9 out of the around 70 members.
B1ink B1ink
Mods are horrible
The mods on the server kick people randomly without reason and some of them are inactive
KrebbyBoi KrebbyBoi
Horrible Discord Server
The owner is horrible and doesn't listen to the people. He puts people who abuse their power in roles of power and bans people who don't like how he runs it.