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Jigoku no tame
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Jigoku no tame

Beach Resort where hotties gather, drugs, illegal stuffs.
(ongoing server, almost finish)
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.•°Sakuya°•. .•°Sakuya°•.
Where do I start?
I’m all for extreme topics, but this server in particular is not very organized for the kind of RP type it’s aiming for. Most of the admin posse appear to be immature because of not handling situations properly and they are stern in a rude, unfriendly way. The head owner is a pretty cool guy, but It seems he doesn’t see anything wrong with the rest of the staff, not to mention they all aren’t online regularly.

I didn’t get into any trouble here in particular, I left because it’s chaotic in terms of how it’s set up with overly too many channels, that wouldn’t be a problem if 95% of the roleplayers werent one liners who spam and basically overrun all of the RP places.

I may return one day if they allow me to after seeing this review, but I would really like to offer some advice that I would hope is taken to heart. If any of you see this (staff) try to cut down on lazy roleplayers and actually take your server more seriously because your concept is pretty 🔥