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Mass Effect: Resurgence
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Mass Effect: Resurgence

Three years have passed since the fleets of the galaxy united to defeat the Reapers in an epic battle, but the galactic community still struggles to rebuild in the wake of their destruction.

In recognition of their tremendous effort and sacrifices, humanity was given a seat on the Council, and many other species have since opened their own embassies on the Citadel. Peace may currently reign, but this new government faces a drastically shifting political stage without the luxury of time.

Civil war rages in batarian space while the Terminus Systems have been fractured beyond recognition, and since descended into anarchy. Furthermore, the Geth have returned from beyond the Veil and a booming refugee population in Council space is consuming scarce resources faster than they can be acquired.

On top of everything, Reaper tech proliferation is still prominent and Cerberus, the human supremacist group, keep rearing their heads. Suspicions and tensions are high, and everyone's waiting for the moment it all tips over into the abyss.

In response to the public outcry of corruption and spacsim, lack of support for the "secondary" Council races, and to create a scapegoat should it all go wrong, the Council Recovery Corps has been formed. Their sole mission: Stabilize the galaxy, by any means necessary. Accomplishing this will be no small feat.

That's where you come in. You will join the CRC and lend a hand in the recovery efforts. But be careful, for your choices just might shape the fate of the entire galaxy...


Welcome to Mass Effect: Resurgence!

We are a forum style, or play-by-post RP set in an Alternate Mass Effect universe where Shepard and their companions do not exist. Led by a dedicated team of GMs and Staff, we boast an established and incredibly passionate player base.

Collaborate with your fellow players to create compelling characters and intricate sub-plots, or join in GM-led main events and see how your decisions and actions can have galactic-wide implications! Become part of a small community of Mass Effect enthusiasts and make friends from all over the world. Above all, have fun and enjoy the ride.

It’s a damn good one. The best.

Are you in?
Ryissa Bumped 17 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews
Antares Antares
Fun, active, literate RP
I really recommend this place to anyone who likes Mass Effect RP or literate RP in general. I joined about a month ago now and felt immediately welcomed. It can feel a bit daunting at first to catch up with everything that has happened in the universe but there are plenty of resources provided and the staff will always ask questions. This server is very active and has maintained a community for many years, which is very rare to see in RP communities. More than anything, it's fun, and the staff aren't toxic or cliquey which is refreshing to see.
57 days ago
Aminilaina - Abby Aminilaina - Abby
Great for RP and for finding genuine people
This is a very literate rp server that has lighthearted and fun stories, as well as serious stories that challenge your writing skill in all the best ways. Your characters will laugh, cry, kill, and lose people. The stories are dynamic and the people are awesome.

The regulars of the server game together, play some jackbox, watch TV shows and Movies together. We talk almost daily. You make real friends here. The entire atmosphere is lovely.
156 days ago
Treebeast Treebeast
A fantastic place
This is by far one of my favorite servers on Discord. The staff is helpful, the reviewers are always constructive with their criticisms, and the literacy is above and beyond what I find in a lot of other servers. Interesting events, plot ideas, and characters. Needless to say, it makes my mass erect.
246 days ago
Cyphr Ivitis Cyphr Ivitis
If you are patient, then this may be a fit for you.
The three stars go for the patience of the server owner in reviewing my application and giving me (mostly) valuable feedback. I unfortunately must deduct two for several reasons:

- I spent hours making a 1500+ word character biography, made it into a fancy pdf and even gone through the trouble of making a google account so they could review it. I followed the advice of not one not two but three reviews, only to be denied because I did not put up two paragraphs of my character's physical description... Even though his physical traits are listed out very clearly in the biography. Additionally they were asking for chronology in a biography where chronology was in fact applied. Apparently I did not title my paragraphs well enough for them.

- Speaking of the format, I don't understand the "formatting nazism" of this server. Touching back on the previous point, they ask for two paragraphs for your character description on top of a separate list in the general biography where you already have to include your character's age, height, weight, eye color, hair / fringe color, build, etc. To ask for two paragraphs is really, really much. Additionally they ask us to provide our character's physical flaws, which opens us up to metagame. Anyone can view your application, see the flaws you listed, and use that knowledge against you without their own character having any IC knowledge of the sort.

- They also ask for another two paragraphs for your character's personality, and will not allow you to use your exceptional skills that are branched off of your character's psychology, in addition to a simple list with brief explanations of your character's psychological traits. I do not understand the reason for this.

- They have a no-lurkers rule, which makes no sense especially when you are busy with life and are not on discord 24/7.

I see a lot of interesting characters and may even generate the patience to go back and conform my application to their standards, but honestly it seems pointless especially with the server's activity being as low as it is... I strongly suggest for them to ease on their application requirements to allow new characters to be brought in and thus permit more activity in their server roleplay.
Ryissa Ryissa
Admin response
Thank you for leaving a review for Resurgence! I'm truly sorry that your experience here wasn't as enjoyable as I hoped.

We are a highly literate RP, and we do have a high standard for character applications. Our apps follow a specific "military-style dossier" format for uniformity, which is posted along with a detailed guide of each section. Most users end up writing more than the minimum sections, which are: a demographic section, a two paragraph section each for Personality and Physical Description, and a 5 paragraph section for the Biography.

Unfortunately, you refused to adapt to our format or make *any* changes after the first draft's review (feedback given by 3 reviewers, including myself), and that was ultimately why the character was denied.

Our process is outlined in our #newcomers channel. This process isn't just a chance for new players to enter our RP, but helps ensure that each user is a good fit for our community. Ample time is given to create a character and on average we find most write, review, and have a character accepted within two weeks from joining.

I understand that our server isn't for everyone, but I truly believe those willing to put in the effort find our AU and story rewarding. Our players are given great creative leeway in world building, events and their PCs personal stories. Some of us have been RPing these characters for years. Activity will always surge and lull, and we are by no means inactive.

If you change your mind and would like to try your hand at Resurgence again, you are more than welcome to return and join our Operatives.

Otherwise, best of luck in all your future endeavors!

As always, chat log history is available for anyone wishing to verify this review.
281 days ago