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USS Victoria
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USS Victoria

This is the Star Trek: U.S.S Victoria Text-Based Role-play server!
We are a community driven Role-play Server focused on making a Unique
Role-play Experience in a Star Trek setting.
- Friendly Community
- Active Player-base
- Active Admins from all different Time Zones.
- Custom Characters
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Nanneko-san Brelov Nanneko-san Brelov
Gotta love it!
This server is absolutely marvelous. The RP standards are perfectly reasonable, you're not expected to write a whole page full for your backstory, but you are required to fill in some core factors, which allows you to know a good deal about other people their OCs.
Friendly, accepting peeps and a good deal of humour. If you're not going to participate a lot that's fine too, you have little to worry about.
Overall a very very good server to be in, however you might need a little patience every now and then.
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Wealthy-Ferengi Wealthy-Ferengi
Great server
This is one of the few good star trek servers, it has helpful staff, fun events and an active community. The server is also accessible for all ages and offers people with and without RP experience a good time.